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White Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Switzerland

It is illustrated by the example of skillful craftsmanship(silicon carbide abrasive). Pure water is prepared by distillation and ion exchange. The ambient water prepared by distillation method is called distilled water. Distilled water is obtained by fractional distillation of the boiling points of impurities on different sides, and is usually obtained by distillation in Su Yu apparatus(aluminum oxide grit). Because the amount of absorption is too much, the product is easy to leak.

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However, if the electrolyte absorption is too small, the service life will be shortened due to the premature drying of the electrolyte in the core(pink corundum). The K value should be determined by the limit that the product does not heat when aging. High temperature aging is aging at the upper limit temperature, and the aging voltage drops to UA value(garnet suppliers).  From the operation and equipment of aging process, it can be divided into manual aging and automatic aging.

(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)Cold joint is the most widely used method because of its convenient operation(white fused alumina). The defective cores should be sent to the next process. The main items of quality inspection in this process are: measuring the rolling groove curling size with vernier card, and detecting the dimensions of D, B, t, C and l (product height)(green silicon carbide). At the positive limit temperature, aging will make the structure of oxide film more stable crystal structure, and stir properly.

Therefore, it is necessary to limit the aging current and boost the voltage under the limited current (constant current)(white corundum). The limited K value is related to the oxidation efficiency of working electrolyte and the quality of anode box. If the value of K is too large, it will make the aged product heat, and lead to the product bulge, or even pressure Open the valve of the force release device (explosion-proof device)(synthetic corundum). All the cores must be inspected after winding.(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)

Remove pigment, until the water is clear without foam, and use pure water for 4 hours, then immerse the resin with 5% hydrochloric acid solution (immersed in resin), 4 hours(white aluminum oxide). In the constant voltage stage, when the voltage rises to U value, the constant voltage stage makes the repair oxide film structure more perfect and reduces the leakage current(black silicon carbide). Therefore, at this stage, the damaged oxide film can be repaired quickly under a certain current.

(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)Second room temperature aging is also called secondary room temperature aging(brown fused alumina price). The relationship between the room temperature aging voltage UA and the high temperature aging voltage U = (AV value) and the working voltage Va is shown in the table. At the same time, if the non formed positive lead is used, a layer of oxide film must be formed on the surface of the lead wire in the aging process(emery abrasive), so that it also has the ability to withstand voltage.

For bipolar electrolytic capacitor, because both positive and negative electrodes use the same anode box(black corundum), the positive and negative electrodes should be aged at room temperature and high temperature. If pulse voltage can be used instead of DC voltage in aging process, it will be beneficial to reduce phosphorus current(aluminum oxide abrasive), water-soluble impurities and other impurities, shorten aging time and restrain the recovery of leakage current.(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)

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