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White Aluminium Oxide Grit Wholesale Price USA

After improving the quality of the bricks, improving the operation and adopting the hot spraying measures, Ruling soon reached 4000-5000 times And created a record of 10,000 times(black aluminum oxide). The life of the furnace lining increased with the increase in the use rate of refractory spray paints; before 1975, the use rate of spray paints increased year by year, and then decreased slightly(aluminium oxide sandblasting). As mentioned in the previous section, the flame seal spray paint is delivered with oxygen.

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For example, the age of the 300-ton oxygen converter at the initial production of the Junjin plant was 400-500 times(pink aluminum oxide). Japan and the United States for oxygen converter refractory spray coating, its consumption is generally 1.0 kg / ton of steel, there is currently a tendency to reduce; the spraying time takes about 4 minutes each timethe material is used as a binder compound phosphate(artificial corundum). The service life of the bottom-blown oxygen converter lining of the Kawasaki Plant in Japan is low.

The hot spray repair of the oxygen converter lining is started after curing 300 ~ 500 furnaces, spraying twice per shift, accounting for about 0.6% of the curing time(brown fused alumina price). It should be pointed out that the cost of converter repair and the increase in furnace age are not directly proportional to each other, and generally have an optimal value(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Refractory spray paint has developed from magnesia to magnesia dolomite, its performance and usage.

In addition to improving the quality of the alkaline brick and improving the smelting operation(silicon carbide price), an in-depth study of the refractory spray paint and its repair method has been conducted The service life of the wall has reached 2332 times, of which 563 times for smelting high-temperature steel(white alumina powder). In addition, the refractory spray coating is composed of 65 ~ 70% magnesia, 5 ~ 35% coke or anthracite powder and 5 ~ 20% aluminum powder.

In particular, the use effect of spray coating No. C is better(white fused alumina), and the residual lining rate is about 20% higher than that of Nos. A and B. According to the Japanese patent, when the lining of the oxygen converter's charging side is damaged, the slag of about two electricity is left, the converter is dumped for thermal spraying, and the consumption of refractory spray paint is 300 kg(white fused alumina suppliers). After the initial formation of the spray coating, the converter is laid flat so that the slag covers it.

At present, the technical performance and process parameters of the spray repair device are as follows: the length of the spray gun is 13.5 meters(white aluminum oxide), the outer diameter is 194 mm, and the number of spray holes is 12; the inner diameter of the spray pipe of the spray gun is 50 mm, and the spray volume is generally 500 kg / min(white fused alumina manufacturer); oxygen The consumption is up to 300 meters / minute. B and C spray paints with high calcium content have good effect.

The sprayed oxygen is mixed with the spray paint and can fully burn the combustible materials in the branch(white corundum), thereby heating the refractory material to a plastic state and spraying it onto the lining to form The firm bonding layer can significantly improve the service life of the furnace lining(100 grit aluminum oxide white). For example, the furnace age of a 130-ton oxygen converter is 664 heats. After this method is used, the service life of the lining is increased to 1405 heats.

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