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Therefore, the thermoplastic phenolic resin under strong acid conditions thermoplastic ship aldehyde resin is in an acidic medium(black aluminum oxide), composed of formaldehyde and trifunctional four-degree lipids, such as loaded static, m-cresol, meta-extracted diester Etc., such as o-methyl ester, p-cresol, 2,3-xylenol, etc(aluminum oxide abrasive). On the contrary, the lower the pH value, the greater the reactivity in the adjacent position.

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At the same time, the research shows that the catalytic ability of various acids in this order is p-hydrogen alkali acid> hydrochloric acid> perchloric acid> sulfuric acid> oxalic acid(pink aluminum oxide). The generation process of thermoplastic ester aldehyde resin is through the hydroxymethyl derivative stage While proceeding(aluminum oxide grit). The spacer ring on the thermoplastic phenolic resin molecule is mainly connected by paraposition.

Using trifunctional acids, phenol must be excessive (usually the molar ratio of phenol to aldehyde is 615 or 716). If the amount of phenol is small(silicon carbide price), thermosetting resin will also be produced, and the increase in waist will reduce the molecular weight of the resin. The reaction rate of hydroxymethyl and hydroxymethyl or hydroxymethyl and hydrogen atoms on the phenol ring is slightly faster than the addition reaction of Xinjiang and age(buy brown fused alumina).

The reaction rate of hydroxymethyl groups here is always less than the reaction rate of hydroxymethyl groups with hydrogen atoms in the ortho-position or para-position of benzene(green carborundum), so the thermoplastic phenolic resin is mainly produced according to the following reaction, generally 4-12, and its value is The degree of excess phenyl ester in the reaction mixture is related(white aluminum oxide abrasive), it only melts without continuing polycondensation.

The difference between the structure of this resin and the thermosetting resin is that there is no unreacted methylol group in the chain of the case, so when the resin is heated(white fused alumina). reaction. Usually under strong acid conditions, the multiplication reaction is mainly achieved through the para position of the ester group, or with the addition of bifunctional esters (the encapsulation reaction at pH <3), because the para position is more active(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit).

The number average molecular weight (M) of the acid phenolic thermoplastic phenolic resin is generally around 500, and there are about 5 grinding rings in the corresponding molecule(white aluminum oxide). Due to the insufficient formaldehyde in the shrinking process, the molecular weight of the thermoplastic phenolic resin can only increase to To a certain extent(silicon carbide companies). The molecular structure of the thermoplastic phenol resin is related to the synthesis method.

The molecular structure of the ideal thermoplastic aldehyde resin is as follows: due to the effect of group steric hindrance, in general, whether it is a side reaction or a condensation reaction, it is easy to Happen(white corundum). It can be seen from the previous reaction formula that the more acid amount or the stronger the acidity, the easier it is to generate carbocations, the higher the reaction rate and the higher the number average molecular weight of the resin.

In an acidic medium, the reactivity of the ortho-para position directly affects the curing speed of the resin(brown fused alumina price). For example, when 15% hexamethylenetetramine is added at 160 ° C, the curing speed of the three types of dihydroxyphenylmethane is: It has a very important meaning in industrial production(corundum white), which directly affects the moldability of the aldehyde resin products and the processing efficiency of the products.

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