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White Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer Malaysia

Especially for the liquid resin molding material, it has high viscosity and is easy to adhere to the mold, 180 grit aluminum oxide which makes it difficult to demould, so it is necessary to apply a layer of demoulding agent on the mold. Common mold release agents are: silicone grease, paraffin, kerosene, yellow wax, etc. When pressing, the speed of pressing has an effect on the quality of the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media grinding tool.

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When pressing to the final stage, there should be a period of pressure holding time to prevent the expansion of the white fused alumina molding material, and avoid the production of parts delamination and crack waste. For the grinding wheel with high thickness (for example, the thickness is more than 300 mm), the method of multi-facet pressing - Hydrostatic pressing can be used. After the green carborundum grinding tool is pressed, the die cover, die sleeve, core bar, etc.

(white aluminium oxide manufacturer malaysia)There are two types of unloading die: manual and mechanical. In the absence of white aluminum oxide mechanical unloading equipment, most of them can only be operated by hand. Taking the parallel grinding wheel as an example, the operation procedure is as follows: on the decompressor ring. and then it enters the furnace for arc fused alumina continuous circulation, The unloader can be hydraulically or mechanically driven. This process is called unloading die.

There are many disadvantages in manual white corundum mold unloading. On the one hand, the labor intensity is high, on the other hand, when the core bar and mold sleeve are knocked off, it is easy to shock and scratch the parts, so the operator is required not only to have a certain degree of silicon carbide companies technical proficiency, but also to be serious and responsible. Under the condition of perfect equipment, it is better to use mechanical unloading die.(white aluminium oxide manufacturer malaysia)

Moreover, the general die unloader and press can be installed on the same continuous operation system, brown fused alumina price which is convenient for mechanization and automatic production. For the case that there is no unloader or the power of the unloader is insufficient, the press shall be used to unload the die. The temperature in the glass beads supplier furnace is uniform, the operation is simple and the heat utilization rate is high, must be removed. 

(white aluminium oxide manufacturer malaysia)It can be directly installed on the press body, or it can be separately installed beside the black corundum press. After pressing, take down the pressure ring, fix the die sleeve on the working table of the unloader, start the unloader, use the liquid pressure or mechanical drive to push out the parts together with the die cover, the core bar and the bottom plate, then take down the fused alumina core bar and the die cover, and remove the grinding wheel.

The pink corundum pressed parts shall be padded up with a pressure ring or a support block, and the die sleeve and the core bar shall be removed with the pressure head of the press. The tunnel hardening furnace is suitable for continuous mass production of resin abrasive body hardening. The tunnel furnace has the advantages of fine grit aluminum oxide high heat utilization rate, high output, simple operation, uniform heating and complete hardening.

(white aluminium oxide manufacturer malaysia)Gas heating chamber hardening furnace is a kind of silicon carbide price hardening equipment which uses gas as heat energy. It changes air into hot air through the heat exchanger heated by gas, then it is sent to the furnace body circulation room by fan, so that the billet body is heated to achieve hardening. This hardening furnace controls the black oxide aluminum temperature rise and fall by adjusting the flow and pressure of gas.

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