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White Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer South Africa

This requires that the selected scraper has a certain hardness(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), can move at a constant speed under a certain pressure, and does not undergo bending deformation during the movement. As the first condition for stabilizing the quality of screen printing, the inclination angle a of the squeegee and the speed of the squeegee are kept constant to eliminate the imbalance of the oil transfer pressure(brown fused aluminum oxide). Board movement speed.

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Qualified medicinal film has a smooth and smooth surface, and the screen surface of the photosensitive film is diagonally facing the yellow light to have a uniform luminosity(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit): if this requirement is not met, the unqualified photosensitive film should be removed according to the situation and the conjunctiva should be reconjunctival(black aluminum oxide). For non-fine graphic printing, thinners are generally used to dilute the ink, which will not cause any problems in the screen printing process. 

(white aluminium oxide manufacturer south africa)The scraper moves slowly at the beginning, fast in the middle, and then stops(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). However, when the screen printing force is applied, the squeegee will be elastically deformed, and the inclination angle of the end contacting the screen will become smaller, making the actual working angle close to the theoretical value(pink aluminum oxide). In actual operation, the inclination angle of the blade edge is greater than 45°, and sometimes even reaches 60°-70°.

If the pressure of the squeegee is too large or the hardness of the squeegee is not enough(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), the contact surface between the blade of the squeegee and the screen will bend, which will increase the contact area between the blade of the squeegee and the screen to form surface contact, which will seriously affect the screen printing. quality(brown aluminum oxide blast media). also use thinner to dilute. When adjusting the viscosity of the ink, it is not advisable to adjust the ink too thin.

The solvent commonly used in silk screen printing(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). During the screen printing process, the force of the amount of oil to be pressed is scraped along the squeegee angle a to the direction F, and the ink produces resistance to the squeegee, and the ink is pressed out from the screen holes to become the exudation pressure F(brown fused alumina grit). This must control the change of the angle a between the blade of the squeegee and the screen and the squeegee.(white aluminium oxide manufacturer south africa)

At this time, the edge of the picture and text will be unclear(white fused alumina oxide mfg). To silk-print high-quality graphics and text effects, the contact method between the blade edge of the squeegee and the screen is very important; excessive pressure on the squeegee will also cause the ink to ooze out(brown fused alumina for grinding). During the screen printing process, the blade edge of the scraper often rubs against the screen surface, which is easy to wear and make the blade edge dull.

The auxiliary agent here is mainly used to adjust the dryness and viscosity of the anti-corrosion ink(brown fused alumina factory). If there is no grinder, it can be grinded by hand. Put the sandpaper on a thick glass or other flat hard board, and hold the scraper vertically. Lightly grind, only in one direction, do not come to the country to grind, do not use sandpaper to grind pain(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). Anti-corrosion ink is composed of linking agent, pigment, solvent and auxiliary agent like other oils.

(white aluminium oxide manufacturer south africa)If the ink is too thin, the lines after printing become thicker or even spread seriously(white fused alumina). If the lines are very thin, a slow-drying agent must be used to dilute the ink, otherwise the fine lines will follow the printing process And become thinner and thinner until the network is blocked(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). If you do not pay attention to grinding and keep the blade edge sharp, it will reduce the clarity of the screen printing and affect the quality of the screen printing.

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