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White Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer South Korea

With the development of the economy, the use of brown fused alumina price is becoming more and more widespread, especially in various public places. With its graceful and luxurious attitude, 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media is loved by people. Its use will age and become contaminated over time. Such problems can be initially solved by cleaning, but sometimes it must be refurbished by grinding.

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The following is the introduction of abrasives and white fused alumina grinding tools, so that everyone has a preliminary understanding of this. Abrasives are used to grind and process materials. At present, the general classification is two types: ordinary abrasives and super-hard abrasives; ordinary abrasives mainly include corundum (black corundum, white corundum, etc.), and its main chemical composition is Al2O3 (aluminum oxide).(white aluminium oxide manufacturer south korea)

Silicon carbide (black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide), whose main chemical composition is SiC (silicon carbide). Their hardness is brown corundum with a micro hardness of 2000-2200 kgf / mm2. White corundum, microhardness 2200-2300 kgf / mm2; black silicon carbide, microhardness 3100-3300kgf / mm2; green silicon carbide, particle size from 4 #-Micro-powder W0.5 (even finer), the order of hardness can be sorted out.(white aluminium oxide manufacturer south korea)

The granite processing is pink corundum, silicon carbide abrasive, the marble processing is white corundum (soft), black, green silicon carbide (hard of). Inorganic abrasive tools, including bitter clay and ceramics; organic abrasive tools, including phenolic, Unsaturated resins, and epoxy resins (including abrasive cloth paper), microhardness 3200-3400kgf / mm2; these abrasive tools constitute ordinary abrasive abrasive tools.(white aluminium oxide manufacturer south korea)

(white aluminium oxide manufacturer south korea)From the perspective of the cost of materials, aluminum oxide abrasive, aluminum oxide grit, and white corundum can be made around these abrasives. Diamond abrasive is a super-hard abrasive, although its processing history is relatively long. But as more uses, it is a large amount of industrialized production in the past thirty years, its micro hardness is 8000-10000 kgf / mm2; 

the hardness is the highest, and the micro-cutting mechanism is used when white aluminum oxide processing materials, so it is the first choice Cutting tools have experienced a large-scale increase in output and reduced industrial costs in recent years, high processing efficiency (more than 5 times that of ordinary), and good processing results (emery abrasive can polish highly demanding materials). Therefore, its application is increasingly widely.(white aluminium oxide manufacturer south korea)

Diamond synthetic corundum grinding tools are mainly metal, resin, ceramic, etc., which are classified according to the type of bonding agent. Metal-based grinding tools mainly include iron-based, copper-based, and cobalt-based types. Determines the processing cost of different types of materials. As a 100 grit aluminum oxide media grinding tool, its particle size ranges from the coarsest (20 #), often to as fine as 400 #. Its characteristics are long life, but the cost will be higher.

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