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These impurities will decompose the grip button and cryolite in the electrolyte to form oxide knobs and other oxides(white fused alumina), which will cause the molecular ratio to increase and the technical conditions will be passive. The national technical standard of ammoniated aluminum is given, resulting in the anode heating(aluminum oxide abrasive), steel claw reddening, and even burning; and iron (FE) shall not be greater than 0.08%.

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As mentioned in the peak, changing the quality of electrode carbon has great influence on aluminum electrolysis production(white aluminum oxide). The quality problems of the rigid pole first lead to the change of electrolyte composition and anode current distribution, then destroy the technical conditions, and finally form a sick trough(garnet abrasive). Therefore, it is a special requirement to prevent the formation of gas and reduce its reactivity and air reactivity.

(white aluminium oxide manufacturers indonesia)The angle formed by the flat plate and the net cone is the angle of repose 8(white corundum). Due to the length of the crack, the concentration of lead oxide in electrolyte is high in normal electrolysis, and the electrolyte has good lubricator performance for anode. The effect of different depth and direction on electrolysis is also different(black silicon carbide). In the process of use, it will lead to the increase of carbon slag and the crack of the inhibition block.

The chloridizing error used in production contains a certain amount of impurities, which makes the current density increase slowly, while the carbon slowly heats up(black corundum). Due to the block formation of the anode, the conductive surface weight of the anode is reduced, and the electrical slow resistance increases(garnet suppliers). Generally, the industry requires that (V) shall not be greater than 0.015%; in the past (S5) it shall not be greater than 0.08%.(white aluminium oxide manufacturers indonesia)

The results show that the critical current density increases with the increase of the content(brown fused alumina price). The anode current density of industrial aluminum reduction cell is constant. When the concentration of electrolyte is reduced to 0.5-0.1%, it will exceed the current density of shoe boundary(emery abrasive). That is to say, let the oxidizer fall from a certain height funnel and pile up a national cone master on the horizontal flat collar.

(white aluminium oxide manufacturers indonesia)The wettability of electrolyte to or should be moderate(green silicon carbide), and the adjustment ability is poor, which is unfavorable for dry anode gas to leave the surface bacteria of anode rapidly and increase the resistance of gas film, which is easy to occur in tens; too good wetting property accelerates the penetration of electrolyte to the lining and the bottom of the cell, resulting in premature breakage of electrolytes, so the anode effect occurs.

The petroleum coke produced by carbon anode contains impurities, which have a direct impact on the quality of the original sales(silicon carbide abrasive). Therefore, the impurity content of carbon anode has the most strict requirements(aluminum oxide grit). When the temperature of the electrolyte rises, hot bath, carbon flow accumulation, high electrolyte resistance, high precision voltage, and heat gain increase(white fused aluminum oxide), gradually forming thermal fault.(white aluminium oxide manufacturers indonesia)

The reaction performance index of CC for carbon anode used for wrong electrode is as follows: residual rate of CO reactivity(pink corundum); 70% - 90% of carbon block; less than 65% - 80% of carbon paste. Due to the small size of Bianxi speed tower and surface machine pen, the carbon slag and the current density of inter mode are increased(synthetic corundum). In addition, the amount of carbon generated by the anode of surface caking will also be a lot.

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