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White Aluminium Oxide Powder 320 Grit Factory Australia

As a result, it also affects the performance of the shell and the quality of the casting(green silicon carbide). If the powder liquid ratio of the coating is too high, it means that the content of the refractory powder in the coating is too high, and the content of the binder is small, so that the fluidity of the coating is reduced and the fluidity is poor(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). The low-speed rotating continuous mixer or L-shaped dipping machine should be used in the coating preparation.

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Therefore, it is required that the coating mixing equipment, L-shaped dip coating machine, must be kept in continuous low-speed rotation state(silicon carbide abrasive). The coating is not easy to be uniform, and the thickness is uneven in some parts, and even the coating is accumulated, start the dipping machine for mixing(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), which affects the uniform drying and hardening of the mold shell So as to affect the quality of shell and casting.

(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit factory australia)High powder to liquid ratio indicates that the content of powder in the coating is greater than that of binder (weight ratio%); If the powder to liquid ratio of the coating is too low(white fused alumina), that is, the content of refractory powder in the silica sol coating is too small and the binder content is too much, then the viscosity and density of the coating are low(black silicon carbide). The type and ratio of back layer material should be selected mainly by shell strength.

During the shell making operation, the coating on the wax mold surface is very thin, and the coating layer is easy to be lost(pink corundum), and it is difficult to obtain a uniform and moderate coating with good quality, especially on the surface of large plane wax mold, it is easy to produce uneven flow patterns(low sodium white fused alumina). The proportioning and preparation process of silica sol coating is an important process to ensure the quality and performance of the coating.(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit factory australia)

The L-shaped mixing blade in the coating mixer is fixed(black corundum), and the slow rotation of the slurry barrel (rotation speed 20 ~ 26r / min) is used to achieve the purpose of mixing the coating. For example(synthetic corundum), the aluminate grain refiners of CO, Ni and Fe can be added into the surface coating to refine the grains and improve the mechanical properties of the castings when producing high-performance aviation parts and turbine blades. 

(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit factory australia)The commonly used grain refiner is aluminate drill(white aluminum oxide). Due to the slow rotating speed of the equipment, it is not easy to get into the gas in the coating, and the L-shaped stirring blade is close to the bottom of the slurry barrel, so that the precipitation of the coating is very small; in order to ensure the powder dispersion of the silica sol coating is good(aluminum oxide abrasive). The amount of defoamer is 0.03% ~ 0.05% of the binder weight, and the maximum is not more than 0.1%.

Therefore, the manufacturing process of silica sol shell can be carried out when the slurry barrel is in the continuous low-speed rotation state(brown fused alumina price), so that the process performance of the coating and the quality of the shell are consistent and stable. If the powder / liquid ratio of the back coating is not properly controlled, the overall strength of the shell will also be affected(emery abrasive). If the powder / liquid ratio is low, the shell strength will decrease.

When preparing the coating(white corundum), first add the weighed silica sol binder into the slurry barrel, then add a certain proportion of surface wetting agent JFC, and then slowly add the refractory powder into the barrel according to the proportion during the rotation of the low-speed slurry barrel(aluminum oxide grit). Pay attention to the uniform dispersion and mixing of the powder to prevent the powder from agglomerating and agglomerating.(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit factory australia)

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