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White Aluminium Oxide Powder 320 Grit Ukraine

At the same time, the development resistance of the dry film is poor(arc fused alumina). When it is over-developed, quality failures such as dry film peeling or edge delamination will occur. When grinding, the force should be even, and high-quality birch carbon without hard knots should be selected(aluminum oxide blast media). The board machine for pumice powder sprays the suspension of the floating powder onto the surface of the board and wipes it with nylon.

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Because the multilayer substrate is thin, not only the processing effect is not ideal, but also curling(silicon carbide companies). In order to prevent the nylon yarn from being damaged by overheating, when using the brush roller type plate machine, it is necessary to continuously spray tap water on the plate surface for cooling and wetting(steel shot abrasive). The force should be even when grinding, high-quality birch carbon without hard knots should be selected.

(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit ukraine)When the film is applied continuously(green carborundum), it is easy to peel off and the protective film must not adhere to the anti-corrosion layer; although this brushing machine is currently a more widely used brushing method, it also has Defects, such as directional scratches on the surface, arable grooves, sometimes the edge of the hole is torn to form an elliptical hole(glass bead abrasive), due to brush wear, resulting in uneven surface after treatment, etc.

The flexibility of the relatively soft nylon pair can make up for the uneven surface of the board caused by brush wear(white fused alumina). Since the surface of the plate is uniform without grooves, the scattering of the exposure light is reduced. The disadvantage of this method is that the pumice powder can easily damage the mechanical parts of the equipment(garnet abrasive price). That is, after drying in an oven, the film can be applied after a little cooling.(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit ukraine)

When the above-mentioned defects are serious(brown fused alumina price), the piercing resistance of the protective film of Caiyi Marriage is better, it will directly lead to abnormal production. It can form a completely sand-grained, rough, uniform, and multi-peak surface without arable trenches. This method uses wet grinding on the surface of the pan with charcoal in one direction(glass beads manufacturers); and at the same time, high-pressure water washing; water washing. 

(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit ukraine)This is a manual cleaning method, which has a certain practical value for a small number of production(black corundum). After grinding the substrate, use a brush to dip 200 months of fine decontamination powder on the mooring surface to brush back and forth or make a spiral brush to roughen the copper surface(glass beads supplier), brush height inconsistency, and finally rinse off the decontamination powder on the surface with clean water; drying.

The advantage of chemical cleaning is that there is less loss to the copper box(pink corundum), the substrate itself is not affected by mechanical stress, and the processing of thin plates is easier to operate than other methods. The washing process mainly includes the following sections: the nylon brush and the pumice powder slurry are combined in liquid phase for wiping(black oxide aluminum); brushing to remove Pumice powder on the board surface.

However, chemical cleaning treatment needs to analyze the changes of various chemical components in the chemical solution and make adjustments(silicon carbide price), and the waste degreaser needs to be treated, which increases the waste treatment process and costs. The pumice powder trigger sprays the floating powder suspension onto the surface of the board and wipes it with nylon(fused alumina), thereby improving the imaging resolution.(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit ukraine)

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