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White Aluminium Oxide Powder Manufacturers China

A-Al2O3 · H2O is also used as the raw material for solid phase sintering(white fused alumina). Domestic Zheng Zhaozhong et al. Used high-purity Al2O3 micropowder as raw materials, added additives such as CnO3, TiO2, and calcined at 1690 ° C for 6h after dry ball milling for 40h to obtain crystallites with a grain size of 15-150um and a microhardness of 2270kg / mm2(emery abrasive). Corundum polishing powder. 

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When high-energy ball milling, corundum ball grinding chips are used as seed crystals at a temperature below 1500 ℃(silicon carbide abrasive). The a-Al2O3-H2O is calcined to obtain a microcrystalline alumina abrasive with a grain size of 5-10um. The abrasive density is more than 95%, the grain size is 2 ~ 4um, especially suitable for pressure grinding environment(brown fused alumina 60 grit), and the flexural strength of the phenolic resin bond abrasive is significantly improved.

The solid phase thermal decomposition method has high energy consumption, and the exhaust gas generated by the decomposition causes atmospheric pollution(white aluminum oxide); after the solid phase additive is added, the ball milling method is used to mix, which makes the chemical uniformity of the components poor(aluminum oxide abrasive). It is mostly used to prepare refractory intermetallic compounds and metal-based ceramics in the field of powder metallurgy.

German patent DE1471331 introduces the technology for preparing corundum abrasives by calcining bauxite, using commercial high-purity bauxite as raw material, adding silicate as a sintering aid, and calcining at a pressure of 703kg / cm2 and a temperature of 1570 ° C to obtain Microcrystalline alumina abrasive with a grain size of 5um. However, this method generally requires a special reactor, and the equipment is complicated.

Disadvantages of powder sintering process(white corundum): Mixing by ball milling, poor chemical uniformity of components, easy to introduce impurities; sintering process is easy to cause abnormal grain growth, and coarse grains, high sintering temperature, high sintering equipment requirements, and large energy consumption(aluminum oxide grit). About the surface coating treatment technology of molten corundum abrasives, there were patent reports as early as the 1960s.

The self-propagating high-temperature synthesis technology uses chemical energy to quickly spontaneously heat from the inside(brown fused aluminum oxide), and uses a simple reaction device without relying on a complex high-temperature device heated from the outside, so it has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency(green silicon carbide). The types of coating materials can be divided into three categories: oxide coating, organic coating and metal coating material.

However, the sintering method used to prepare ceramic corundum abrasives has shortcomings(black aluminum oxide): the sintering temperature is not easy to control, the material is not uniformly heated, and it is easy to cause abnormal grain growth. When the corundum abrasive is modified by coating treatment(black silicon carbide), the wrapped substrate can be divided into two types: molten corundum abrasive and ceramic corundum abrasive. 

The patent of American Abrasive CORP was to coat the surface with a layer of oxide glass, and the surface roughness of the treated abrasive Increase(pink aluminum oxide), when used in the manufacture of resin bond abrasives, with high hardness and toughness, the holding power of the abrasive and the resin is greatly increased(synthetic corundum). The products listed by GTESylvania Corporation of the United States and Norton Corporation are proposed in the US Patent No. 4,623,364.

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