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There are many kinds of corrosion inhibitors(green silicon carbide powder), such as KC retarder, thiouracil, a - (or β) tea ester (mostly used for sulfuric acid), ugtropine , and Urotropine can also be used for sulfuric acid and other acids. The method of immersing the workpiece to be treated in acid or metal salt treatment liquid as electrode(silicon carbide grit suppliers), and using direct current to remove the tin from the workpiece is called electrochemical pickling and derusting.

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Because the electrode anode emits electrons during electrolysis, the metal atoms become ions and enter the solution, which makes the oxide attached to the metal surface fall off(carborundum abrasives). When the treated workpiece is used as the cathode, the hydrogen atom produced by the cathode reaction will reduce the metal oxide(carborundum powder), and the hydrogen bubble produced in the cathode electrolysis can also remove the oxide(mainly used for hydrochloric acid).

To avoid this disadvantage, lead and tin ions are added to the treatment solution(silicon carbide grit). As lead and tin ions are easy to reduce and deposit on the ruthless surface of iron and steel workpiece to form a coating, but the rust layer can not be deposited on the surface. Because of the over voltage of hydrogen on the surface of lead and tin, there is no hydrogen precipitated on the coating(aluminum oxide blasting). The workpiece is called as anode or cathode respectively.

Due to the simultaneous existence of metal reduction and hydrogen precipitation on the cathode(brown fused aluminum oxide), a hydrogen layer is formed on the surface of the workpiece, which makes the workpiece prone to "chlorine embrittlement" fracture. After being treated by the above methods, many of the sticky materials are put into alkali solution(silicon carbide abrasive powder), acid solution and other active grid solution for surface chemical transformation treatment.

At this time, not only the residual dirt on the surface is further removed, but also the surface is activated or chaotic(silicon carbide abrasive grit). After chemical treatment, oxide film, salt film or oxygen-containing group can be formed on the surface, which can change the binding ability of the surface to the coating material, or improve the corrosion resistance of the substrate(carborundum grit suppliers). The oxide film of steel after treatment is magnetic oxide film.

The chemical transformation method is characterized by convenient operation and high production efficiency(white fused alumina). It is especially suitable for the treatment of large parts, assemblies and workpieces with complex surface shape, such as angle making, prick and inner wall of slender pipe(silicon carbide 180 grit). Oxidation is divided into basic oxidation and acid oxidation. For steel, the surface treated by oxidation method is blue or black, so it is called blue or light.

The corrosion resistance and adhesion of the protective film formed by acid oxidation are better than that by alkaline oxidation(black silicon carbide powder). The temperature of acid oxidation is lower than that by alkaline oxidation, which is conducive to bonding and coating, and the treatment time is shorter(aluminum oxide sandblasting). Oxidation, lattice acid and phosphating are commonly used for surface chemical transformation. The cathode erosion method is mainly applicable to non alloy copper.

Generally, the film formed by acid oxidation is about 5am(white aluminum oxide). In the treatment of nonferrous metals with gric acid or acid gric acid salt solution, a gric acid salt protective film is formed on the metal surface, which is thin and corrosion-resistant(carborundum grit). By controlling the composition and treatment conditions of the complex acid treatment solution, a complex acid salt film with good adhesion to the base metal and appropriate pores can be obtained.

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