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When the p value of the electrolyte is stable, the thermal balance can be maintained only by L adjustment(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). If the Joule heat generated by EW system is not enough to maintain heat balance, the electrolytic cell will gradually cool and the theoretical process system will be destroyed(white fused alumina manufacturers). The molten aluminum produced is used to leave the electrolysis cell at a cell temperature of 960°C. 

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In terms of prospect(garnet abrasive suppliers), the new aluminum smelting method and non cryolite alumina molten salt electrolysis method should be studied and developed in order to reduce the energy consumption of primary aluminum production by 30 ~ 40% compared with the current production method. It is necessary to keep the Joule heat compatible with the heat balance of the electrolytic cell(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). 

Therefore(white aluminum oxide blast media), the carbon anode is consumed during electrolysis, which provides part of the required energy for the electrolysis process(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). It should be noted that maintaining the high temperature of the electrolytic process depends on the Joule heat generated by the electrolyte when the current flows in the polar space(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The vertical arrangement of electrode is conducive to gas discharge and electrolyte circulation.

This makes the energy required for electrolytic smelting of aluminum with carbon anode lower than that required for direct reduction of alumina to aluminum(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Therefore, it is very important to keep the L value basically constant in normal and stable production. The reduction of electrolyte voltage drop can be achieved by improving electrolyte composition and reducing anode bubbles and carbon slag in electrolyte(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers).

On the contrary(china brown fused alumina manufacturers), due to the increase of P or improper increase of L, the Joule heat will be too much, and the electrolytic cell will be in the thermal stroke, which will also destroy the thermal balance of the electrolytic cell(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). The conductivity of electrolyte is increased by additives, and the most effective one is the addition of LF(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). At present, the effect of adding LF with low molecular ratio is not significant.

Moreover, the electrode distance is too low(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). Therefore, the operation of reducing electrode distance cannot be taken rashly. However, low alumina concentration will increase the wetting angle between anode gas and carbon anode, that is, it is not conducive to the rapid release of gas(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). The energy required to promote the reaction is 5.11kWh/kg, and the thermal energy required to maintain balance is 0.49kWh/kg(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers).

With the guide groove, there is no thick liquid aluminum layer on the cathode, which can be produced at a low electrode distance(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). The arrangement mode of anode and cathode is changed from horizontal relative arrangement of electrode surface to vertical relative arrangement of electrode surface(how to choose white fused alumina). When the polar distance cannot be reduced, the effective way is to use additives to increase the conductivity, that is, to reduce P.

The main anode voltage drop is mainly determined by the specific resistance of the anode carbon block(aluminum oxide supplier), the current density of the anode, the contact area between the anode and the electrolyte, the resistance of the anode guide rod and the phosphorus pig iron contact point between the claw head and the carbon block(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). The energy consumption of pre-cultivation anode and self-cultivation anode electrolysis is the same(aluminum oxide sand).

In this way(brown corundum), the specific resistance of carbon block is the most important, which depends on the overall quality of carbon block(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). The anode voltage drop of foreign advanced index is 0.3V, and the better index in China is 0.4V. Therefore, the anode quality needs to be greatly improved(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). In this way, the theoretical minimum energy consumption when electrolyzing aluminum with an inert anode is also 9.03kWhkg-Al.

Note: If the oxygen leaves the electrolytic cell at 960°C, the total theoretical minimum energy consumption is 9.30kW/kgAl(black silicon carbide). Tip: Using carbon anodes to produce 960℃ molten aluminum, the theoretical minimum energy consumption of aluminum electrolysis is 5.99kWh/kg(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand). At present, industrial aluminum electrolysis uses carbon anodes(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). For a comprehensive LCA, transportation energy consumption is very important.

The energy efficiency of the electrolyzer is very low and it works at the lowest voltage(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). The picture is a schematic diagram of the system for calculating the theoretical minimum energy consumption when aluminum is produced from alumina(aluminium oxide blast media). The total reaction of aluminum electrolysis when using carbon anodes is as follows: a schematic diagram of an ideal aluminum smelting electrolytic cell system. 

It has been reported in the literature that the transportation energy required to obtain these resources is estimated to account for 6-8% of the total energy consumption of secondary aluminum production(vietnam aluminum oxide). Assuming that the reactant enters the electrolytic cell at 25°C, C2 also leaves the electrolytic cell at 25°C(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). The detailed calculation of the theoretical minimum energy consumption for this reaction is shown in the appendix(sandblasting sand).

This excess voltage provides the thermal energy required to maintain the balance of the system and produce molten aluminum (CP)(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). It is assumed that the reaction is carried out under perfect conditions(aluminium grit blasting), that is, there is no reversible reaction and side reactions that consume additional anode carbon, and there is no concentration gradient for reactant ions to reach the electrode(aluminum oxide blast media canada). And there is no heat loss. 

Therefore, improving the anode shape (including grooving at the bottom of anode) to facilitate the discharge of gas is the future direction(green silicon carbide). According to the above-mentioned 100% current efficiency calculation, the theoretical minimum energy consumption is 5.99kWh/kg-Al, so the energy efficiency level of modern aluminum electrolysis cells with carbon anodes is about 46%(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). 

When bubbles are precipitated(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit), they contact with liquid aluminum metal, resulting in aluminum reoxidation reaction and reducing current efficiency(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). Therefore, the theoretical minimum energy consumption required for electrolysis of aluminum with carbon anodes is 5.99kWh/kg-Al (Note: If The CO2 emitted is 960°C, and the total theoretical minimum energy consumption is 6.16kW/kg-Al)(aluminum oxide blast media).

The current comprehensive energy consumption of aluminum electrolysis per ton of aluminum is 15000kWh(wholesale brown fused alumina). Compared with the theoretical energy consumption of 5990kWh, deducting non-electrolysis electricity and unavoidable energy consumption, the potential for energy saving is great(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). Today, the current efficiency of the aluminum electrolytic cell has reached 96%, and the electric power consumption is 13kWh/kgAl.

In actual carbon anode electrolysis production(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), the current efficiency is less than 100% because of secondary reactions and a small amount of Budvar reaction (CO2+C=2CO)(white aluminium oxide powder manufacturers). The future energy saving direction will be discussed from two aspects. The first is to improve the current process conditions to tap the energy-saving potential; the second is to seek the energy-saving potential from the electrolytic cell innovation(brown fused alumina suppliers).

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