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White Aluminium Oxide Powder Wholesale Price Austria

In Japan, high-grade refractories with high purity, good thermal conductivity and strong erosion resistance(black aluminum oxide), such as electric melting high alumina brick, synthetic mullite brick and jade measuring brick, have also been used in the lower part of the furnace body, the furnace belly and the tuyere area, etc.(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), with certain effect. Table 2-2 shows the performance of high-grade refractory brick for blast furnace wall in Japan.

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The main steel producing countries such as the Soviet Union(pink aluminum oxide), the United States, the United Kingdom, France and West Germany have also tested the corundum brick, the stone brick, the silicon carbide brick and the semi graphite brick on the blast furnace wall. In addition, the bottom of the blast furnace in West Germany adopts the stone heel brick layer to improve the thermal conductivity(white fused alumina oxide mfg). Carbon bricks are used in the furnace wall except for the middle and upper part of the furnace body.

Because the former has poor thermal shock stability (the furnace wall temperature fluctuation can reach 300 ℃) and the latter has poor alkali corrosion resistance, it is not suitable for masonry furnace wall(silicon carbide price). From the perspective of strong alkali resistance test, the ordinary corundum brick at 1400 ℃ is not much better than clay brick, while the corundum brick combined with momite and carbonated weight brick combined with direct or silicon nitride still have sufficient strength(brown fused alumina factory).

This shows that the refractory for furnace wall is still in the exploratory stage(brown fused aluminum oxide). The results show that the direct bonded or silicon nitride bonded SiC brick does not react with alkali vapor, is not sensitive to carbon cracking precipitates, and has excellent thermal conductivity, so it is a promising product(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The hearth diameter and effective volume of No.1 blast furnace in shishelgen plant of West Germany Auguste Ruolin metallurgical company are 14 meters and 4085 meters respectively.

After the boiler was shut down in 1975, it was changed from pinglixi to thick furnace wall, and the effective volume was reduced to 3600 meters(green carborundum). In addition, in the middle of No.6 commercial furnace with a furnace capacity of 2168m, the asphalt bonded silicon carbide graphite brick, ceramic bonded carbon weight brick and oxynitride bonded silicon carbide brick were tested, and compared with the phosphoric acid impregnated clay brick(silicon carbide companies). 

The carbon bricks at the lower part of the furnace body and the furnace waist are damaged too early, resulting in redness and fracture of the furnace skin, causing repair(white fused alumina). High alumina bricks with A12O3 content of 95% are used to build the tuyere belt, bosh and lower part of the furnace body, and high alumina bricks with A12O3 content of 82% are used to build the middle part of the furnace body, which was put into production in 1976(brown fused alumina suppliers).

The middle, upper and bottom working layers of the furnace body are made of low iron dense bonded bricks, while the hearth and bottom are made of carbon bricks(white aluminum oxide). From the furnace belly to the lower part of the furnace body, generally, silicon carbide brick, semi graphite brick, anti erosion brick, electric melting high aluminum brick or mullite brick are used(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). These bricks are being used in blast furnace, it is difficult to determine which kind of bricks is most suitable for blast furnace wall.

In West Germany, various refractory bricks were also used in the bosh and lower part of the furnace body(white corundum). In the production process, the drilling and sampling test showed that the corrosion loss of the carbonated brick was better than that of the phosphoric acid wave impregnated clay brick(wholesale brown fused alumina); In the first three months of production, the corrosion rate of the three kinds of silicon carbide bricks is basically the same.

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