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Record the temperature and deformation of the sample center to obtain the temperature-deformation curve(silicon carbide companies), and then use the temperature and expansion curve of the alumina tube that has been measured in advance to the height of the normal sample to correct the temperature-deformation curve obtained by the test, and rapid heat resistance, which makes them insufficiently fired(100 grit aluminum oxide white). After cooling, measure Sample length.

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The Ts and T corresponding to the deformations of 0.5%, 1.0%, 2.0% and 5.0% of the original specimen's original degree of compression from the highest point of specimen expansion are reported respectively(arc fused alumina). Refractory materials are often subjected to abrupt changes in ambient temperature during use(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). Thermal shock resistance is also referred to as thermal shock stability, resistance to rapid temperature changes, resistance to rapid cooling.

Reburning line change rate refers to the residual expansion and contraction after the fired refractory products are heated to the specified temperature again for a certain period of time and cooled to room temperature(green carborundum). A positive sign "+" indicates expansion, and a negative sign "one" indicates contraction.  In actual use, about 50% of the damage is caused by slag corrosion(white aluminum oxide abrasive). It is one of the main reasons for the rapid damage of products and kilns.

The specifications of the standard temperature measuring cones in different countries are different, and the temperature represented by the cone number is also inconsistent(silicon carbide price). China Metallurgical Standard (YB / T370-1995) stipulates that the load softening temperature of refractory products should be measured by non-differential-heating method(buy brown fused alumina). The rate of change of reburning line is an important index for evaluating the quality of refractory products. 

The reason for the change of reburning line of products with the same chemical composition is mainly due to the influence of uneven temperature or insufficient time during the firing process of refractory products(white fused alumina). This product is subject to high temperature during long-term use During the action, some physical and chemical changes will continue to proceed, thereby causing the volume of the product to expand or contract(white aluminum oxide blast media).

This A change has a great destructive effect on the masonry of thermal furnaces(brown fused alumina oxide), so it is necessary to strengthen the firing control in the production of products, so that the index is controlled within the standard and even reaches a smaller value(corundum white). The international standard (ISO2477) and the Chinese standard (GB / T3997.1-1998) also stipulate the test method for the change rate of the reheating line of the shaped insulating refractory products.

The method is to take a rectangular prism with a length of 50mm, a width of 50mm, and a thickness of 60mm from a refractory product(white aluminum oxide), or a turning column with a diameter of 50mm and a height of 60nmm, and heat it to a specified temperature in a heating furnace for a certain period of time(white fused aluminium oxide). Thermal shock resistance refers to the resistance of refractory products to damage caused by rapid temperature changes.

For example, during the pouring process of steel drum liner bricks for casting steel, the feeding(brown fused aluminum oxide), tapping or furnace temperature changes during the steelmaking of converter, open hearth or electric furnace, etc., cause cracks, flaking and even collapse of the product. The principle is the rotary slag etching method(fused alumina). This kind of damage restricts the heating and cooling speed of products and kilns, and limits the strengthening of kiln operations.

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