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At the same time(silicon carbide price), France and other countries successfully developed a process similar to the OBM method, named l.WS method (using liquid fuel oil as the cooling medium for the oxygen nozzle). In 1971, the United States Steel Corporation introduced the OBM method and To improve it(fused alumina), the sprayed ash powder method has been successfully used to blow the phosphorus-containing molten iron, which is called Q-13OP method, and the working environment is very harsh. 

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The thickness of the furnace cap and the furnace bottom is usually 10-25mm thicker than the steel plate rattan of the furnace body(black oxide aluminum). The inclination angle is not easy to be too large or too small, too large to easily slag from the furnace mouth, and too small to fall easily. The oxygen nozzle is composed of two concentric tubes(low sodium white fused alumina). Converter generally consists of converter furnace body, support mechanism, tilting mechanism, oxygen supply mechanism and so on.(white aluminium oxide super fine manufacturers mexico)

The industrial pure oxygen is blown from the oxygen nozzle at the bottom of the furnace(white fused alumina). The OBM method uses propane or other hydrocarbons as the protective agent, while the LWS method uses steam or fuel oil as the protective agent, and the Q-BOP method simultaneously carries lime powder and other additives in the oxygen stream(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). The shaft of the support base is roughly divided into sliding bearings, spherical bearings and rolling bearings, the furnace shell life will be further extended.

(white aluminium oxide super fine manufacturers mexico)For oxygen top-blown converters, bottom-blown converters, and top-bottom double-blown converters, due to the different methods of supplying oxygen and gas, the corresponding equipment structures are also different(white aluminum oxide). In the following, the inner tube is passed with oxygen, the structure of each part will be described by taking an oxygen top-blown converter as an example(green carborundum). The converter furnace body is a large container with a refractory lining inside and a steel plate on the outside.

The selection of the furnace shell material is mainly based on weldability and resistance to sugar degeneration(white corundum). A reasonable furnace type can adapt to the flow of metal, slag and furnace gas in the furnace, and is conducive to improving the oxygen supply intensity and reducing splashing, extending the furnace age, reducing the loss of furnace lining, and reducing the consumption of refractory materials(arc fused alumina). At present, potassium potassium is generally used.(white aluminium oxide super fine manufacturers mexico)

For the lower-tube ball type converter, the furnace shell is mainly composed of three parts, namely the dimensional furnace cap, the cylindrical furnace body and the spherical hearth, and each part is formed by a steel plate and then welded into a whole(brown fused alumina price). The load is large, the speed is slow, the temperature is high. The thickness of the furnace shell is generally determined empirically, as shown in the table, and the protective agent is passed in the annular gap between the two tubes(glass beads supplier).

(white aluminium oxide super fine manufacturers mexico)This method has opened up a broad prospect for the development of bottom-blown oxygen converters(black corundum). The furnace mouth should have a reinforcing ring or a box-shaped structure to prevent the furnace cap from deforming. The furnace cap generally adopts a positive-shaped furnace cap, that is, a truncated cone with a small upper part and a large lower part, and its inclination angle is generally 60 ° ~ 68 °(silicon carbide companies). If low alloy steel plates with good creep resistance are used.

The inner port of the tap hole is located at the joint between the furnace cap and the furnace body(pink corundum). The horizontal inclination angle of the center line of the large-scale converter tap hole tends to decrease to shorten the length of tapping I, thereby shortening the length of steel flow, reducing heat dissipation and secondary oxidation, and facilitating maintenance(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The converter supporting mechanism includes a bracket, a trunnion, and a trunnion bearing seat.

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