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The manufacturing method of heat-insulating refractory products is different from that of dense refractory products(green carborundum). The main methods are the burn-up method, the foam method, the chemical method, and the porous material method: the burn-up method(aluminium oxide 36 grit). It is a method for obtaining a porous brick blank by using a chemical reaction to generate gas in the brick making process, and released from the mold.

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In this method, flammable or sublimable additives such as sawdust are put into mud(brown fused alumina price), mixed uniformly, and then formed by the extrusion method, semi-dry method or slurry casting method, and dried and fired. The flammable or sublimable additives are burned during the firing process, leaving voids and becoming heat-resistant and refractory products(silicon carbide companies). Alumina hollow ball brick is prepared by proportioning, forming, drying, and firing.

Insulation refractories refer to refractories with high porosity, low bulk density, and low thermal conductivity(white fused alumina). Foam method. In this method, the foaming agent is placed in a foaming machine and stirred with water to obtain a fine and uniform foam. The foam is then mixed into a slurry to be stirred into a foam slurry, injected into a model(arc fused alumina). Fired at ℃ (for high-alumina heat-resistant refractory bricks), processed and shaped into finished products.

Chemical method(black corundum). Chemical reactions such as carbonate and acid, metal powder plus acid, caustic alkali and aluminum powder are usually used. The chemical reaction that can be used must be that the occurrence of gas is relatively slow and can be controlled, otherwise the bubbles will disappear when mechanically disturbed when pouring into the mold(corundum sand). If the reaction is too fast, add inhibitors such as hydrogen peroxide and dioxide tanks.

The foamed reactants are mixed into the fine powder raw material slurry to obtain a stable foam slurry, which is injected into the model and dried and fired(white aluminum oxide). Insulated refractory products. Alumina hollow ball brick is a kind of heat-resistant refractory product made of alumina hollow ball as the main raw material(fused alumina). Then, the alumina hollow sphere, sintered alumina fine powder and binder are pressed according to a certain amount.

The porosity of pure oxide heat-resistant refractory products manufactured by this method can reach 55% ~ 75%(pink corundum). Porous material method. This method uses natural light raw materials such as expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite and diatomaceous earth, and uses a variety of artificially manufactured hollow spheres as raw materials, adds a certain binding agent, and performs processes such as mixing, molding, drying, and firing(black silicon carbide factory).

Insulation and refractory materials have poor mechanical strength(white corundum), abrasion resistance and slag erosion resistance, dried together with the model, and should not be used in the load-bearing structure of kiln and in direct contact with slag, charge, molten metal and other parts(black oxide aluminum). It is mainly used as a high-temperature industrial kiln lining below 1800C and a thermal insulation layer for high-temperature thermal equipment.

Alumina hollow ball bricks are manufactured by first melting alumina raw materials into a pouring electric furnace and melting it into a liquid state(silicon carbide price), and then pouring the furnace at a certain angle, so that the melt flows out of the pouring tank at a certain speed, and the liquid flow passes through the The flat nozzle with a stream of 60 to 90 blows off the liquid flow with a high-speed air stream with a pressure of 0.6 to 0.8 MPa to form an alumina hollow sphere(glass beads supplier).

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