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White Aluminium Oxide Super Fine Price Poland

The lower molecular ratio can be used to obtain a low molecular ratio(aluminium oxide 36 grit). In the bauxite dissolution process, because the whole process is a complex heterogeneous reaction, there are many factors affecting the dissolution process(glass beads supplier). During the dissolution of loose porous bauxite, the reaction not only occurs on the surface of the ore particles, the dissolution rate is increased by about 1.5 times, but also can penetrate into the capillaries and cracks inside the ore particles. 

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However, the appearance density of bauxite is not the same as its crystallinity(pink corundum). For example, sometimes the clay-like ore has a worse dissolution performance than the semi-clay-like and dense bauxite due to the coarse grain size of one of the bauxite(black oxide aluminum). The more impurities such as TiO2, Fe2O3, and SiO2 in bauxite, the more dispersed, the greater the degree of alumina hydrate being wrapped by it, the worse the contact conditions with the solution, the more difficult it is to dissolve.

For a certain type of ore, the smaller the particle size, the larger the specific surface area(white fused alumina). The effect of operating conditions in the dissolution process is mainly discussed below. Regardless of whether the reaction process is controlled by chemical reaction or diffusion control(silicon carbide price), temperature is an important factor affecting the reaction process, because the chemical reaction rate constant and diffusion constant are closely related to temperature. relationship.

Then, in order to obtain the expected dissolution effect, the ratio of bauxite, lime and circulating mother liquor must be determined through the calculation of the ingredients to prepare a qualified raw ore slurry(white aluminum oxide). As can be seen from the above two formulas, increasing the temperature, the chemical reaction rate constant and the diffusion rate constant will increase(fused alumina), which shows that increasing the temperature is beneficial to increasing the dissolution rate. 

In the previous formula, E is a constant positive activation energy and C is a constant(white corundum). In addition, the increase of the dissolution temperature can also improve the structure and sedimentation performance of the red mud, and the reduction of the molecular ratio of the dissolution liquid is also conducive to the preparation of sandy alumina. The greater the slurry velocity(green carborundum), the rule is that for every 10 ° C increase in temperature, the stronger the turbulence and the better the mass transfer effect.

Temperature is the most important factor in the dissolution process(brown fused alumina price). The dissolution of boehmite bauxite in Europe using sodium aluminate solution with Na2O concentration of 200g / L showed that the temperature increased from 200 ℃ to 225 ℃, the dissolution rate of French bauxite increased by 2.5 times, and that of Greek bauxite The dissolution rate of the ore is increased by 5 times(arc fused alumina); and the capacity of the dissolution equipment is also significantly increased.

From the solubility curve of Na2O-Al2O3-H2O series, it can be seen that after increasing the temperature, the solubility of bauxite in the alkaline solution increases significantly, and the equilibrium molecular ratio of the solution is significantly reduced(black corundum). As the difference between the Na2O concentration of the eluate and the circulating mother liquor is reduced, the evaporation burden is reduced and the circulation efficiency of the alkali is improved(silicon carbide companies).

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