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corundum sand melting technologies include Alcoa's Mark-type flash roasters, Danish gas suspension burners, and circulating fluidized roasters. The falling film evaporator is applied in the production process of alumina, aluminum oxide sandblasting media which makes the evaporation process stable and the evaporation steam consumption greatly reduced (50%). Detection and automatic control level is relatively low.

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The process is controlled by a computer, silicon carbide price and the concentration index control is stable, which is beneficial to the balanced improvement of alumina production. 1D sodium aluminate solution conductivity method online real-time detection technology. China Aluminum Corporation Shanxi Branch applied this technology to the on-line detection of the dorsal alkali and brown aluminum oxide 80 grit concentration in the circulating mother liquor of the Bayer process.

It measures the two conductivity values of the sodium aluminate solution at two temperatures, white aluminum oxide and then solves the equation on the computer to obtain the caustic and alumina concentration values of the sodium aluminate solution. It can accurately give a set of measured values every 5s. This enabled real-time detection of the concentration of the circulating mother liquor and timely guidance and adjustment of glass beads supplier production.

The white fused alumina production method mainly depends on the A / 5 of the ore. After 5 months of operation, the qualified rate of caustic alkali concentration in the circulating mother liquor has been increased from 57% to 71%. The mean value of the caustic concentration of the circulating mother liquor has been increased, which improves the circulation efficiency of the Bayer process. This technology also laid the foundation for the automated control of the wet process of green carborundum production.

This achievement was completed by Northeastern University on the basis of laboratory research, white corundum and successively cooperated with the former Guizhou Aluminum Plant and Shanxi Aluminum Plant. It has been patented and passed expert technical appraisal. The average size of Australia is over 2.3 million tons, and the Glaston Alumina Plant with the largest production capacity has an annual output of 3.7 million tons of black oxide aluminum.

China's bauxite belongs to monohydrate bauxite, brown fused alumina price which is more difficult to handle than gibbsite. Most bauxite in foreign countries is gibbsite with high A / S. Therefore, the production method is Bayer with a simple process. China's main aluminum ore is mainly medium- and low-grade insoluble diaspore, and the production methods are except the Guangxi branch company's Bayer process, silicon carbide companies which are all complex processes or sintering processes.

The production method in China is mainly a complex process with a combined process and black corundum sintering method. In terms of equipment, in addition to the introduction of advanced pipeline dissolution equipment and control systems for high-pressure dissolution, and the introduction of advanced fluidized roasting systems for alumina baking, the arc fused alumina remaining processes are mostly small-scale and relatively backward equipment and technology.

In addition, the current level of equipment of pink corundum enterprises in China is relatively low, so energy consumption is high. In addition, China's alumina enterprises are under the planned economic system. Except for the Pingguo Aluminum Plant, the semi-social phenomenon of the enterprise is serious, the management level is high, and the management cost is high. Therefore, the fused alumina production cost of alumina in China is relatively high.

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