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Spray repair method: The spray repair of the iron ditch of the blast furnace is generally performed after the iron is removed from the village(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). When the temperature is 400 ~ 900C, spraying can be started, and it can also be performed at normal temperature(aluminum oxide 40 grit). The main ditch of the blast furnace iron ditch can be divided into three types: iron storage type, half iron storage type and non-iron storage type.

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Its proportion is 60% ~ 80% of brown corundum(glass beads manufacturers). When the effective volume of the blast furnace is greater than 2000m, it is best to choose a replaceable iron storage type tapping ditch. It can be divided into two types: fixed type and replacement type(high purity fused aluminum oxide). The iron ditches of the five blast furnaces at the Fukuyama Plant in Japan are all lined by pouring or dry vibration methods, and the effect is better.

Recently, various countries have paid great attention to environmental protection(white fused alumina). Because the iron storage main ditch has a layer of molten iron of 300 ~ 500mm, it is rarely damaged in the ditch bottom village; for non-iron storage main ditch, the molten iron directly hits the bottom lining of the ditch, causing serious damage(steel shot abrasive); Between the two, that is, the lining of the trench bottom and trench wall were almost the same.

According to some domestic domestic small and medium-sized blast furnace tapping ditch made of coke, clay, asphalt and other ramming materials, this ramming material has a low service life and a large odor(white aluminum oxide). In addition, factors such as the depth, width and length of the tapping ditch and the slope have a greater impact on the life of the trench lining. The main components of each series of materials are Al2O3 and SiC(aluminum oxide for sand blaster).

The advantage is that it can be overhauled according to the plan, the quality of the lining can be improved without affecting the operation in front of the furnace(white corundum). In summary, the materials used in the blast furnace iron ditch abroad are mainly Al2O3-SiC-C series materials(glass bead abrasive). In addition, there are Al2O3; SiO2-SC series materials and a small amount of Al2O3-SiN-SiC series materials, and should be selected reasonably. 

The Building Materials Institute of the Ministry of Metallurgy has researched the cast iron ditch castable for blast furnace(brown fused alumina price). China's Baosteel large-scale blast furnace (volume 4063m) imported from abroad Al4-SiC-C low porosity high-density castables, the main raw materials used are dense fused alumina, silicon carbide, a small amount of metal silicon, metal aluminum powder and a certain amount of coagulant, Degumming agent, etc.

They used brown corundum as the main material, and appropriately mixed SiC, carbonaceous materials, clay, high alumina cement, ultrafine powder and additives to make cast iron ditch castable(black corundum). 10% ~ 30% of SiC, 1% ~ 5% of clay, 2% ~ 5% of high alumina cement, 1% ~ 5% of ultrafine powder, and 0.3% ~ 1.0% of admixture. The castable material is easy to obtain, has low cost, convenient construction, and long service life(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive).

In addition, the thickness of the spray coating layer is 70 ~ 150mm, the spray paint consumption is 1.5 ~ 2.0t, and the time required is 2 ~ 3h(pink corundum). On the basis of longevity of the lining of the blast furnace, a lining cover is installed and a dust suction device is provided(garnet abrasive price). This not only improves the working environment in front of the blast furnace, but also reduces the thermal shock to the iron trench lining and increases the service life.

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