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Therefore, only a small amount of dilute acid is required to continue the decomposition reaction until it becomes glucose(fused alumina). Therefore, the hydrolysis must be strictly controlled. When the required viscosity and degree of decomposition are reached, the base should be quickly neutralized to stop the reaction(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Commonly used acids It is 7.5% dilute hydrochloric acid. The method is to soak the starch for several days at room temperature.

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The viscosity of CMC aqueous solution is an important physical index(pink aluminum oxide). What are the factors that affect the viscosity of the slurry? The viscosity of the CMC aqueous solution is essentially a specific manifestation of the degree of polymerization of cellulose. When sizing, the slurry must be uniformly and quickly adsorbed on the fabric, but the contact conditions between the fabric and the slurry are quite unfavorable to the suction(black oxide aluminum). The higher the concentration, the higher the viscosity.

The difference in viscosity has a certain effect on the sizing process(white fused alumina). It directly affects the fluidity and permeability of the slurry, the amount of slurry absorption and the degree of slurry penetration into the fabric. The viscosity is too low, although the permeability is good, but the sizing rate is low: the viscosity is too high, the permeability is poor, and the sizing rate is high. Therefore, the viscosity of the slurry must be controlled(silicon carbide price). The surface tension of the slurry is large.

The soluble starch obtained is insoluble in water, but can be dissolved in hot water to become a translucent gelatinous liquid(white aluminum oxide). Therefore, the viscosity first depends on the average degree of polymerization of the raw cellulose and the degree of polymer destruction during the manufacture of CMC. Therefore, the raw materials must be strictly selected, and the conditions and processes for generating the reaction must be controlled(glass beads supplier). Secondly, it has a nearly linear relationship with concentration.

The fabric itself is waxy, fat, pectin and dirt(white corundum). When the temperature rises, the viscosity decreases, especially after it exceeds 70 ° C. Generally, the temperature will decrease and the viscosity will return to its original state. However, if the temperature is too high and the time is too long, for example, after maintaining at 120 ° C for 2 hours, the viscosity will also decrease by 18.9% despite the temperature reduction(green carborundum). The pH value of the aqueous solution also has a certain effect on the viscosity.

Temperature also has a large effect on viscosity(brown fused aluminum oxide). Generally speaking, low-viscosity solutions have little effect on it; while medium-viscosity aqueous solutions, if the pH value deviates from neutral, the viscosity begins to gradually decrease; high-viscosity aqueous solutions, if the pH value deviates from neutral, the viscosity will decrease sharply(arc fused alumina). This is because the contact time between the fabric and the slurry is short (less than one second).

There is air in the space between the fibers(black aluminum oxide). Therefore, to improve the suction conditions, a substance-a penetrant can be added to reduce the surface tension of the slurry, increase the diffusivity and fluidity of the slurry, and to facilitate the penetration of the slurry into the fabric. Cotton fabrics are generally free of penetrants because of their hydrophilic nature: synthetic fabrics must be used(silicon carbide companies). The fabric temperature is low, the slurry enters, and the local viscosity increases.

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