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Because the addition of lime not only facilitates the dissolution of boehmite and increases the dissolution rate of alumina(fused alumina), it also generally adds a small amount when processing boehmite type bauxite and gibbsite type bauxite. Lime, increasing its dissolution rate and dissolution rate. Rhenium can also be dissolved out of the goethite lattice by isomorphism(brown fused alumina for grinding). Increasing temperature and adding CaO can promote the conversion of goethite to hematite.

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This major discovery has been widely used in industry(brown fused alumina price). Increasing the dissolution rate of Al2O3 In 1933, scholars in the former Soviet Union first discovered that lime must be added to dissolve the boehmite type bauxite. One opinion is that the hydrous sodium aluminosilicate mineral formed by the interaction of the silicon mineral with the mother liquor during the dissolution process is also wrapped on the bauxite surface(black oxide aluminum), preventing the solution from interacting with Al2O3. 

Increasing the dissolution temperature and increasing the amount of CaO will promote the complete transition of goethite to hematite(white fused alumina). After the addition of CaO, [H2Si] 2- ions enter the solution to be converted into hydrated garnet, so that Al2O3 can continue to interact with the lye, which is beneficial to the dissolution of Al2O3(silicon carbide price), and lime does not promote the reaction between the aluminum mineral and the alkaline solution effect.

For example, it is believed that the reaction of boehmite, boehmite, goethite and bauxite with lye depends on their hydration(black corundum), and it is first transformed into a transition state active complex before it is decomposed into Al (OH) was dissolved out. The catalytic effect of CaO is that with its participation(glass beads supplier), these minerals need less activation energy to form active complexes in the transition state containing calcium than to produce pure active hydrated complexes.

The way lime is added has a significant effect on the dissolution effect(white aluminum oxide). Effect of lime addition method on dissolution effect. The effect of adding lime at the dissolution temperature is better. The reason for this is that the lime other than Ca · TiO2 (about 2%) is catalyzed(green carborundum). When CaO is added in advance, the surface of the hydrated garnet produced first is The compound is shielded and can't or very slowly decompose into lime to play a catalytic role.

Rhenium promotes the conversion of goethite to hematite(pink corundum). Many literatures have confirmed that the addition of lime to the Bayer process has enhanced the dissolution of alumina from aluminate and its conversion to hematite. The transition from goethite to hematite greatly improved the sedimentation performance of red mud(silicon carbide companies). Because the particle size increased from 2-6um to 10-25um, the sedimentation performance became better.

Effect of CaO addition amount on alumina dissolution performance(white corundum). Therefore, the lower the dissolution temperature and the lower the Na2O concentration, the greater the catalytic effect of Ca. When the dissolution temperature is increased, the reaction speed is increased, the difference in activation energy between the active complexes forming the above two transition states is reduced(arc fused alumina), and the catalytic effect of CaO is suppressed.

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