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White Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Price Canada

The electrolytic cell is more enlarged(white corundum powder), the point-type feeding can reach 2 kg oxidation/time, a single or multiple gas trapping system is adopted, and a microcomputer process control system is adopted to measure the energy parameters of the electrolysis every 5 seconds(silicon carbide grinding). In recent years, the output of primary aluminum in 2005 has reached 7.6 million tons. It has a history of 50 years until 2004. 

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In August 1888, Austrian scientist Karl Jeseqph Bayer applied for a patent for extracting alumina from bauxite(white aluminum oxide lapping compound). In 2002, my country's primary production has ranked first in the world. In addition, my country's electrolysis industry can be counted from the first aluminum electrolysis plant (Fushun Plant) in operation in 1954(brown fused aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). In the past 50 years, aluminum electrolysis production technology has made great achievements. 

(white aluminium oxide wholesale price canada)In the 1990s, the capacity of the electrolytic cell was further increased, and the investment per ton of aluminum was more economical than before(aluminum oxide polishing powder). Although there have been great advances in design and materials, the side of the electrolytic cell still needs a protective furnace side, otherwise the metal quality and cell life will be negatively affected(silicon carbide grit). Maintaining the heat balance (and energy balance) of the electrolyzer is more important.

However, the energy consumption of the large cell (especially the electrolytic cell with more than 310,000 amperes) was not lower than that of the smaller electrolytic phase in the early 1980s(aluminium oxide polishing compound). Gradually improved the electrolyte, lowered the temperature, and created conditions for the final high current efficiency and low power consumption package(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media). Despite this, the general economic situation is still good.(white aluminium oxide wholesale price canada)

Since the 1990s, the technological development of electrolyzers has the following characteristics: the current efficiency reaches 9%%(white grain aluminum oxide a 220), the energy efficiency of the electrolysis process is close to 50%, and the remaining energy is dissipated due to the heat loss of electrolysis. In terms of anode consumption, its utilization efficiency exceeds 85%(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). Sampling, using an automatic feeding system, reduces the impact of dust on the environment.

(white aluminium oxide wholesale price canada)It is necessary to ensure the pole distance to generate enough heat to maintain the stability of production(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16), and it is necessary to appropriately increase the heat loss to form a sound furnace bank to increase the life of the tank. Due to the high anode current density of the large tank(white aluminum oxide dental), the concentration gradient of oxidizers exists in the tank due to the low mixing efficiency, and the tank life is also reduced.

As of the end of 2005, there were more than 80 aluminum electrolysis plants in my country(aluminum oxide powder), of which 12 had an annual output of more than 200,000 tons, and the production capacity being renovated, expanded, and newly built was huge. The direct current supplied from the rectifier passes through the carbon anode on the box, flows through the molten electrolyte(brown corundum abrasive), and enters the lead liquid layer molten pool and the carbon block cathode.(white aluminium oxide wholesale price canada)

Since 2004, it has been exporting a complete set of electrolysis engineering technology to overseas capital(aluminum oxide polish). Since 1980, the electrolytic rod technology has broken through the 175kA barrier. It has adopted magnetic field compensation technology, combined with the process control technology of point-type feeding and electro-emulsion tracking(aluminium oxide abrasive powder), and the electrolysis beam can work within a narrow range of alumina concentration.

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