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White Aluminum Ooxide 240 Mesh Manufacturers USA

The AC and DC lines to the microcomputer protection screen should be connected with anti-interference capacitors before entering the protection equipment(white aluminum oxide). The monitoring configuration software is required to fully consider the security of the system and operate the password by different levels of users.

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The functions of fast break protection, short delay over-current protection(black corundum), low-voltage and over-voltage protection of incoming line, fast break protection, zero sequence protection, small current grounding line selection, low-voltage protection, over-current protection, fast break protection(black silicon carbide), zero sequence protection and small current grounding line selection of outgoing line (motor) are realized.(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh manufacturers usa)

Domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises use microprocessor-based protection devices(white fused alumina). Foreign famous brands include ABB / Ge / swel / sel / Siemens / ahafa / Schneider. Domestic famous brands include Xuji, Nari, Nanzi, Sifang, etc. sel company's protection devices are widely used(emery abrasive). In addition, over-current protection, there are phase, grounding, neutral point protection and directional elements.

(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh manufacturers usa)Each set of protection DC logic input circuit must be separated from the lower circuit by photoelectric coupling element or transfer relay to prevent interference from being introduced into the protection(pink corundum). Each set of protection device on the protection screen shall be equipped with independent DC air small switch(garnet abrasive). Relay settings allow you to use y or a connected high and low voltage side current transformers.

At present, this paper gives an application example: SEL-351A relay: SEL-351A relay is a protection device which integrates protection, monitoring, control and fault location(white corundum). The following protection functions include over current, low voltage / over voltage, low frequency / over frequency(aluminum oxide abrasive). The relay can protect double winding transformer, reactor, generator, large motor and other double terminal power equipment.

(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh manufacturers usa)There is also a complete set of enhanced automation functions(silicon carbide abrasive), which can provide more cost-effective configuration for circuit breaker protection and control operation. Front panel display, DNP3.0 communication protocol. In the substation of electrolytic aluminum plant(synthetic corundum), SEL-351A relay is mainly used in the protection of voltage regulating transformer of rectifier unit and backup protection of power transformer.

The relay measures the current at high and low voltage side, differential action and braking amount, as well as the second and fifth harmonics(brown fused alumina price). When the DC voltage is 0.8 ~ 1.15un, the relay protection and automatic safety device shall be able to work normally, overload protection, low voltage protection(aluminum oxide grit), and the device shall not misoperate during the switching of DC power supply and one point grounding of DC circuit.(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh manufacturers usa)

Among them, the functions of fast break protection(green silicon carbide), short delay over-current protection, low voltage and over-voltage protection are realized; fast break protection, over-current protection, overload protection, zero sequence protection, small current grounding line selection, over-current protection, fast break protection(garnet suppliers), zero sequence protection and small current grounding line selection are realized.

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