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White Aluminum Oxide 12 Mesh Manufacturers China

The viscosity of the electrolyte is too high(white aluminum oxide), which hinders the separation of the tiger current in the electrolysis process, reduces the abnormal oxidation, dissolves in it and exhausts the rigid root gas, which brings adverse effects to the electrolysis production(glass beads supplier). In the process of electrolytic production, it is required that the volatility of electrolyte should be as small as possible. The viscosity of industrial electrolytes is about 3 × 10 Pa · s.

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Firstly, the vapor pressure of cryolite melt is 66627 Pa at 1000 ℃ and 2173 Pa at 1100 ℃(pink aluminum oxide). It can not only reduce the volatilization of chlorination process, but also reduce the consumption of raw materials. In addition, it can reduce the emission of harmful substances, reduce the harm to human body and reduce the environmental pollution(arc fused alumina). The volatility channel is expressed by the vapor pressure of the substance at a certain temperature.(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh manufacturers china)

Therefore, if the heat of the electrolyte is too small(white fused alumina), the circulation flow of the electrolyte in the production process will be added, which will promote the dissolution in the electrolyte, reduce the current efficiency, and accelerate the precipitation speed of the oxidation bond in the electrolyte. Precipitation is formed in the bottom of electrolytic cotton planting, so it is in the production process of electricity(silicon carbide price). In order to reduce the volatilization loss of hydrogenated salt.

(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh manufacturers china)The volatility of electrolytic barrier is the degree of vaporization of molecules in the form of gas when the electrolyte liquid is at a low hand point(garnet suppliers). The unit is Pa. the gas rich pressure of liquid substance at a certain temperature is smaller, and the volatility of the liquid is smaller; otherwise, the greater. In this way, the oxidation in the electrolyzed sugar is stopped for a long time in the electrolyte, so that it can be fully hydrolyzed(fused alumina). The vapor pressure also increases.

Secondly, the molar ratio of electrolyte should not be too low(white corundum). The experimental results show that the vapor pressure of cryolite melt increases rapidly with the increase of AIF content (or the decrease of NaF / AIF molar ratio). However, AIF is easy to dry and volatilize, and the temperature of electrolyte increases(green carborundum). The vapor pressure of the electrolyte decreases and the volatilization of the foot decreases with the increase of the oxide content.(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh manufacturers china)

According to the time, the electrolysis temperature should be reduced(brown fused aluminum oxide). The conductivity of electrolyte decreases with the increase of the concentration of a6o, which is caused by the formation of oxygen oxygen complex ions in the olefin. When the temperature is 1000 ℃, the conductivity and oxidation concentration of electrolyte present industrial transformation(black oxide aluminum), and the conductivity of electric melt changes periodically with the production.

(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh manufacturers china)In industry, the precious slag in electrolyte reduces its conductivity(black aluminum oxide). In the presence of Kai in electrolyzer, the pressure of swallow increases obviously. At 1024 ℃, the vapor pressure is 10.43 ± 0.39 (kPa) after adding aluminum into the cryolite melt, which is about 18 times more than that of energetic cryolite(silicon carbide companies). The reason is that the vapor pressure increases due to the replacement of sodium and the formation of energy valence aluminum (AIF).

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