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White Aluminum Oxide 12 Mesh Suppliers Philippines

There are great stress and brittleness in quenched parts(white aluminum oxide). If not tempered in time, deformation and even cracking will occur. Low temperature tempering is often required after surface quenching to reduce stress and partially restore the plasticity of the surface layer(silicon carbide grit). Chemical heat treatment includes three basic processes: economical, decomposition, absorption and diffusion.

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Surface painting fire belongs to surface heat treatment process, which is to heat parts rapidly by different heat sources(brown fused aluminum oxide), so that the surface layer (a certain thickness) of the part is quickly heated to the quenching temperature and cooled rapidly, so that the surface layer can obtain martensite with high hardness(aluminum oxide abrasive), while the core still maintains the original structure with good plasticity and toughness.

(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh suppliers philippines)According to the different heating methods, surface quenching can be divided into flame surface falling fire, induction heating surface quenching, electric contact heating surface quenching and electrolyte heating surface quenching. Compared with annealing, the strength and hardness of normalized steel are higher than that of annealed steel(60 grit aluminum oxide), and the normalizing process is simple, widely used and low cost.

Chemical heat treatment is a process of heating and holding the workpiece in the medium containing active elements to make alloy elements involved in the surface layer(black corundum), so as to change the chemical composition and structure of the surface layer, and improve the wear resistance, fatigue resistance or contact fatigue resistance of the workpiece(aluminum oxide grit). The main purpose of quenching is to reduce brittleness and internal stress.(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh suppliers philippines)

The main purpose of cold treatment is to further improve the hardness and wear resistance of the quenched parts(pink corundum), stabilize the size of the workpiece, prevent and use deformation, and improve the ferromagnetism of steel. Decomposition refers to the chemical medium at a certain temperature(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), due to the chemical decomposition reaction, it will generate "active atoms" that can penetrate the surface of the workpiece.

(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh suppliers philippines)Diffusion means that the concentration of infiltrated elements is greatly increased after adsorption of "active atoms" on the surface(white fused alumina), thus forming a significant concentration difference between the surface and the interior, thus obtaining a certain thickness of diffusion layer(240 grit aluminum oxide). Absorption means that the separated "active atoms" are adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece and then dissolved into the metal character.

Cold treatment refers to the operation method that the quenched metal products or parts are placed in the low-temperature medium below 0 ℃ (usually from - 30 ℃ to - 150 ℃)(green silicon carbide), so that the retained austenite during quenching can be transformed into martensitic structure(low soda alumina). According to different uses and requirements, corrosion resistance, supplemented, there are nitriding and carbonitriding processes.(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh suppliers philippines)

Tempering is a kind of operation immediately after zinc fire, which is usually the last process of heat treatment of workpiece(black silicon carbide). Therefore, the combined process of quenching and national fire is called final heat treatment. With the progress of technology, standards will be constantly revised, reprinted and abolished(white fused aluminium oxide), which is one of the fundamental differences between standard literature and other literature.

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