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White Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Suppliers Germany

In the sieving process, the white aluminum oxide material that is larger than the size of the sieve and left on the sieve is called the sieve, and the material that passes the sieve is called the sieve. In the processing and production of corundum materials, the requirements for particle size and particle composition are very strict. After the white aluminum oxide abrasive is crushed, it is divided into various particle sizes according to a certain size range by sieving.

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In the sieving process, no matter how narrow the particle size range of each grade of product, there is always a difference in particle size. In the production of corundum abrasive grains, this classification ratio is quite small, and all grades have the same classification ratio. In the process of corundum processing, there are three types of silicon carbide companies screening: auxiliary screening. Therefore, in addition to strict operation, better screens need to be used.

The ratio of the largest particle to the smallest particle in each level is called the classification ratio. These white corundum article sizes are currently produced by sieving. The screening method is mainly completed by various types of screens. The general relationship between the particle size number and the sieve number is: the wholesale brown fused alumina particle group that passes through a certain sieve but does not pass through the next next sieve is called a certain particle size.

Corundum products specially for pink corundum refractory materials are often crushed and sieved into the particle range commonly used in refractory materials. For example, the fused corundum sand product specifications provided by Sanmenxia fused corundum factory are: 8.5 ~ 5.56mm, 5.56 ~ 3.36 mm, 3.36 ~ 1.0mm, 1.0 ~ 0 mm, 0.21 ~ 0 mm, 8 ~ 5 mm, 5 ~ 3 mm, 3 ~ 1 mm, 0.5 ~ 0mm, 1.5 ~ 0.5mm, etc., silicon carbide price can also produce other granular products according to user requirements.

In the crushing process, in order to improve the productivity of the crusher and reduce the over-pulverization of the black corundum material, auxiliary screening is often used. The purpose is to screen out products that have reached the required particle size, and return large pieces of material that do not pass through the sieve holes to the green carborundum crushing equipment, forming a closed loop process. This auxiliary screening is also called control screening.

Ready to screen. It is the white fused alumina process of dividing the mixed particles with a larger particle size range into several segments or several particle size groups. This creates favorable conditions for the classification of the next process. Each particle size group is sent to a different screening machine for particle size screening. filter. It is the last classification process to ensure that the required granularity is obtained according to white fused aluminium oxide professional standards.

There are three screening methods: from fine to coarse screening method, this method has low screening efficiency, brown fused alumina price and the load of fine screen is large and easy to wear. The coarse-to-fine screening method uses fine powder in the whole screening process, brown aluminum oxide 250 grit which easily causes dust to fly and poor labor conditions. It is rarely used alone. The combined screening method of grouping and then grading is widely used in production.

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