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White Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Suppliers In Japan

In 1946, the United States developed white fused alumina, which improved the grinding efficiency of alloy steel containing vanadium, titanium, tungsten, aluminum and other elements. At this time, ceramic Abrasives occupy the main position in the production of silicon carbide companies. From 1953 to 1954, Switzerland and the United States developed the artificial diamond respectively.

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In 1957, the United States first produced the artificial pink corundum industrially. In the same year, it also developed the cubic boron nitride. The superhard abrasive entered the grinding field. Zirconium corundum was made in 1963, and three kinds of zirconium corundum series with different ZrO2 content were produced in 1970. The steel industry has gradually developed the use of high-speed and high load arc fused alumina grinding tools for billet grinding.

(white aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers in japan)In 1976, white aluminum oxide has been used to make 80 m / s resin grinding wheel with load up to 500 kg. In the 1970s, the ratio of ceramic abrasive to resin abrasive reached 1:1. In the 1970s, the Soviet Union developed titanium corundum and China produced praseodymium neodymium fused alumina. In 1948, the reinforced fiber resin grinding wheel was produced. The resin grinding tool was widely used in deburring, weld repair and other processes.

silicon carbide price and sintered corundum appeared in 1962. The development of abrasive tools promotes the rapid development of a series of grinding. The wide application of grinding in various industrial fields, in turn, promotes the continuous expansion and improvement of the variety and quality of black oxide aluminum tools. In the early 1980s, ceramic abrasives with a maximum speed of 125m / s were used in the bearing industry.(white aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers in japan)

In the 1950s, white corundum and grinding technology developed the fastest and reached a relatively complete age.  For consolidated brown corundum abrasive grinding, brown corundum abrasive is consolidated by binder to make abrasive tools. This makes the quantity of glass beads supplier participating in the grinding less. In the early s, there was an average of one belt grinder or belt polisher for every three grinders in the United States.

green carborundum machines accounted for about 20% of metal cutting machine tools, 38% of the United States in the 1960s, and about 25% of the Soviet Union. In the 1970s, grinding machines accounted for about 25-35% of metal cutting machine tools, while coating abrasives, such as abrasive belts, grinding discs, grinding rings, etc., were developed in large quantities. During grinding, the brown fused alumina oxide is placed on the grinding plate. 

(white aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers in japan)At the same time, the TiO2 in the brown fused alumina price can not be over reduced. The amount of solid solution Ti2O3 is very important for the calcination color and toughness of brown corundum. When the workpiece is placed, the surface of the workpiece is mainly in contact with the larger brown corundum abrasive, so the larger wholesale brown fused alumina is mainly used for grinding.

Each black corundum participating in the grinding bears a large pressure, a large amount of grinding and processing, and the distance between them is also large. The scratches produced by the grinding are deep and wide, so the surface of the workpiece processed by the free brown corundum abrasive is rougher than that of the workpiece processed by the fixed white aluminum oxide abrasive.(white aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers in japan)

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