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White Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Suppliers Saudi Arabia

The latest research shows that there are no ternary compounds, such as si2c2o, Sicao, sico, sico, etc. 100 grit aluminum oxide white is not a single compound, but a highly dispersed mixture of reaction material SiC and reaction product SiC. Based on the above study, the phase diagram of Si-C-O ternary system with PCO = f (T) as coordinate is proposed. Point a is equivalent to the coexistence conditions of gas white aluminum oxide abrasive phase CO and SiC solid, c-solid sic2 solid and SiO.

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Phase I is the equilibrium condition region of SiO2 and C, white fused alumina phase I is the equilibrium condition region of SiO2 and C, phase III is the equilibrium condition region of SiC and C, and phase IV is the equilibrium condition region of carbon and silicon. Temperature T4 is equivalent to the temperature at which silicon carbide price decomposes into silicon and carbon. As shown in Si-C binary phase diagram, at atmospheric pressure; = 2760 ℃.(white aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers saudi arabia)

It is often used as the furnace charge of green silicon carbide. When the pressure is 30 ~ 100 atmospheric pressure, t = 2830 ℃, point B is the equilibrium point of CO gas and four condensed phases (SiO, SiC, Si, c). In the industrial production of silicon carbide, the reaction of SiO in the fused alumina furnace, main raw material, + 3C = SiC + 2CO depends on the multiphase chemical reaction kinetics and thermodynamic probability of the sico system.

(white aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers saudi arabia)When white aluminum oxide materials are used in oxygen-containing media, the effect of silicon dioxide protective film formed on the surface of silicon carbide depends on the possibility of coexistence of C, SiC, Si and SiO2. Industrial silicon carbide is produced by reaction of carbon and silicon sand in resistance furnace. The charge for producing silicon carbide companies can be divided into three categories: auxiliary material and return charge.

Main raw materials refer to silica sand and carbon materials, also known as main black corundum materials. Auxiliary materials include wood flour and salt, also known as auxiliary materials. The recycle material refers to the recycled material excluding the spent material. Silica sand is the main arc fused alumina raw material to produce silicon carbide. It provides SiO2 which takes part in the SiC reaction in the furnace. Silica sand is also known as quartz sand.(white aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers saudi arabia)

River sand, sea sand or vein quartz are selected as silica sand for refining white corundum. Pure river sand or sea sand is often used as the main material of black silicon carbide. The natural river sand or sea sand shall be washed and sorted strictly, and the chemical composition and black oxide aluminum particle size shall meet the requirements of table 1-47 and table 1-48. Vein quartz is a colorless transparent or milky white mineral with high purity.

(white aluminum oxide 120 grit suppliers saudi arabia)As the furnace charge, vein quartz must be broken and processed to the required granularity. The production practice of pink corundum has also proved that, it is one of the promising ways to increase the furnace output and reduce the unit power consumption to select the fine-grained silicon dioxide raw material. It is of great significance to study the balance of Si-C-O ternary system for the production and use of industrial glass beads supplier.

However, the ultra-fine crushing will also bring many adverse factors, brown fused alumina price such as poor permeability of the charge, low bulk density and so on. Carbon material is also the main raw material for the manufacture of silicon carbide, which provides the carbon needed for the reaction of SiC formation in the furnace. According to the principle of solid state reaction, under the condition of permission, the finer the wholesale brown fused alumina particle size of reactant, the faster the reaction. 

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