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White Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Wholesale Taiwan

The total porosity of porous white fused alumina is much higher than that of ordinary abrasives, generally above 50%. The volume density of abrasives is small, and the organization is loose. The self-cooling effect of the grinding tool is good during grinding, it is not easy to burn the aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit workpiece, reduces the temperature in the grinding area, and the surface quality of the processed workpiece is high.

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For deep cutting and slow feed grinding. Porous silicon carbide abrasive are widely used for grinding non-metal materials such as soft metals and rubber leather; especially suitable for grinding large flat, thin-walled workpieces and other workpieces that are easily deformed by heat; The volume of pores and the size of pores in porous black silicon carbide greatly exceed ordinary abrasives. The bubbles generated at high temperature are large, and the bubbles generated at low temperature are small.

(white aluminum oxide 120 grit wholesale taiwan)The surface accuracy of the smallest steel ball is 0.06mm. The white aluminum oxide manufacturing process of porous abrasives is similar to ordinary abrasives, but to obtain a high porosity, a certain amount of pore-forming material needs to be added to the molding material, solid pore-forming materials are commonly used for press molding, and liquid pore-forming materials are often used for water casting. The liquid pore-forming aluminum oxide abrasive material is mainly hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide releases gas during the green silicon carbide heating process and forms air bubbles in the abrasive tool. The amount of pores is adjusted by the amount of hydrogen peroxide added. Usually, 0.5 mL of hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 30% is added to one liter of slurry, and the porosity of the abrasive tool is increased by about 2%. The aluminum oxide grit size of the pores is adjusted by controlling the decomposition temperature of hydrogen peroxide.(white aluminum oxide 120 grit wholesale taiwan)

The binder is a clay-feldspar system with a white corundum firing temperature of 1320 ~ 1350 ℃ and a holding time of 6 ~ 8h. Its specifications are usually 800mm × 100mm × 290mm, and a few are 600mm × 100mm × 290mm. Steel balls are widely used in the bearing industry, with a large amount of use, and synthetic corundum require high surface roughness and surface accuracy. The quality of the steel ball grinding wheel and the output level directly affect the garnet abrasive quality and output of the steel ball.

(white aluminum oxide 120 grit wholesale taiwan)The honing grinding steel ball grinding wheel is characterized by high hardness, high density brown fused alumina price, Good lubricating performance, small friction coefficient, can reduce frictional heat, improve the surface roughness of the machining; good self-sharpness of the grinding tool, high grinding efficiency; fine grain size, uniform structure and certain toughness. The steel ball grinding wheel is a special grinding wheel for garnet suppliers grinding ball bearings with a diameter below 76.20mm.

In order to obtain the required characteristics of steel ball grinding wheels, some special technological measures must be adopted, such as the use of mixed black corundum and mixed particle size, the use of a larger molding density, and by adjusting the composition and ratio of the binder, the humidity of the molding material, etc. Increase the shrinkage of the glass bead blasting media suppliers. Diamond bitter abrasive is a special ceramic abrasive, its main characteristics are:(white aluminum oxide 120 grit wholesale taiwan)

Abundant raw materials and cheap price; hardening at room temperature, no complicated equipment such as oven, high temperature furnace, pink corundum etc; simple manufacturing process; during grinding, the crystal water in the grinding tool evaporates and absorbs heat, and is not easy to burn the workpiece; poor moisture resistance of the steel grid grinding tool, large self-consumption during grinding, the use speed should not be too high High, generally around 25m / s or lower.

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