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White Aluminum Oxide 150 Mesh Wholesale Suppliers Italy

The process features are as follows: in casting process design(120 grit aluminum oxide), there is no need for draft angle and parting surface, and the casting size accuracy is high; because the surface is coated, the surface finish of the casting can reach the level of investment casting. VRH method is one of the effective ways to solve the collapsibility of sodium silicate sand(fine grit aluminum oxide). The casting is taken out, and then the water toughening treatment is carried out at 1050 ℃ for 2 h.

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Because the casting can be placed arbitrarily in the mold, the gating system can be set up flexibly(alumina grit), the riser and cold iron can be placed conveniently, and the effect of negative pressure suction is favorable to the feeding of casting, and the shrinkage cavity and porosity inside the casting can be reduced or eliminated. Therefore, the lost foam casting process is suitable(synthetic corundum price). The shape of SC particles should be spherical or nearly spherical.(white aluminum oxide 150 mesh wholesale suppliers italy)

When the high manganese steel anti-wear casting is produced in small batch, it is unnecessary to make wood mold(150 grit aluminum oxide), which has the advantages of low production cost and short production cycle. However, the large-scale production of lining plate castings is difficult to machine, so it is usually used directly by blank(aluminum oxide anti-slip grit), which requires accurate size and shape of castings, especially the strict requirements of hole spacing, and the small hole groove must be cast.

The chemical composition of the suspending agent must meet the final chemical composition requirements of the casting(100 grit aluminum oxide media). The content of harmful elements (sulfur, phosphorus, oxygen) and non-metallic inclusions (SiO2, Cao, Al2O3) in the suspension concentrate are lower. The particle size of SC depends on casting size, average thickness, shape, pouring temperature and melting point of SC itself(brown fused alumina oxide). The main influencing factors are the opening time and the time of pouring water.

(white aluminum oxide 150 mesh wholesale suppliers italy)The water content of SC is less than 0.25%, and the surface is free of rust and oil(80 grit aluminum oxide). The characteristics of suspension casting of high manganese steel are introduced as an example. The high manganese steel was partially suspended cast with a composite suspending agent composed of 80.0% pure iron powder, 10.0% alloy iron and 10.0% rare earth alloy(600 grit aluminum oxide powder). The composition of alloy iron in suspension concentrate is 80.0% ferrochrome, 12.0% stick iron and 8.0% turn iron.

The suitable dosage of SC is 4.5% ~ 6.0% of the mass of high manganese steel in suspension position, and the suitable particle size is 0.5 ~ 1.0 mm(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). The water glass dry sand mold is cast in an open mode at 1330 ℃ and shaken after the sand mold is cooled(400 grit aluminum oxide powder). The comprehensive mechanical properties of high manganese copper by suspension casting are improved, so the wear resistance of high manganese steel is also improved.

It is very convenient to open the box at high temperature and water quenching directly(white fused alumina abrasives). To sum up, the lost foam casting of high manganese steel casting process performance is superior, which solves the problem that other casting methods are difficult to solve. Compared with sodium silicate sand method, the strength of VRH method is 1 ~ 2 times higher than that of sodium silicate sand method(aluminum oxide 20 grit). The basic requirements for SC are as follows.(white aluminum oxide 150 mesh wholesale suppliers italy)

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