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White Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Suppliers In China

As you all know, we are a manufacturer specializing in white corundum, brown fused alumina price, carborundum and other abrasive micro powder. Our products are sold in most parts of China, but some customers don't know very much about this product, such as the price difference between white corundum and brown corundum. According to the different content and specification, the price is also different.

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The price of iron filings is not included, but is still rising. Many customers say, why are some white corundum more expensive than black corundum, and some brown corundum more expensive than white corundum? What's the difference? Therefore, their price depends on their specification and content. White corundum and green carborundum are common corundum abrasive in the market, and the market price is relatively transparent. This is their cost price analysis.

I hope you can understand that the market price of white fused alumina is similar, so that the quality of corundum will become a user. The raw material of white corundum is alumina powder. This is well known, so the price of alumina powder and white corundum sand is directly related. A small family's monthly electricity cost is several hundred yuan, not to mention that when the big machine makes brown aluminum oxide blast media, there is no way to reduce the electricity price.

People in the industry who have contact with them usually know that they have not seen cheap ones. The price of aluminum powder must be known to all, and it has been rising substantially. The main raw material of pink corundum is bauxite, so the price of brown corundum is related to the price of bauxite, while the silicon carbide companies price of bauxite is only rising, not falling, but the current price is relatively stable. Everyone knows that electricity costs a lot of money. 

Graphite electrode is also indispensable for the production of white aluminum oxide and brown corundum, but the price of ordinary graphite electrode is about 10000 yuan per ton, and even higher, the average price is a lot higher than a few years ago. Electricity - the indispensable production of white corundum and arc fused alumina is not a difference between internal and external. Coal must be used to produce white corundum and brown corundum.

Known customers all know that white corundum and silicon carbide price are common in the market. As can be seen above, the price difference between white corundum and fused alumina is very big. If you don't understand, you can directly contact our Gongyi Qianjiaxin refractory manufacturer, and we will have professional technicians to answer your questions. As coal prices continue to rise, there is no pressure on the cost price of white aluminum oxide 120 grit.

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