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White Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Suppliers Mexico

There have been many theoretical views on the study of adhesive mechanism between green carborundum and matrix in the manufacturing of coated abrasive tools, but they have not been unified. The physical adsorption theory is often used to explain the reason why Abrasives adhere to the matrix, steel grid plastic and other parts. 

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According to the structure theory of white fused alumina matter, there are the main valence force of chemical bond and weak van der Waals force (including hydrogen bond force, even force) between atoms and molecules in the aggregation state. Other bonding theories reveal the essence between the adhesive and the adherend from different aspects. The base is paper and cloth, glass bead blasting media suppliers which can be made into page, roll, strip and disk coated abrasives.

(white aluminum oxide 220 grit suppliers mexico)The solid surface adsorbs liquid and gas by van der Waals force. This action is called physical adsorption. Because the white aluminum oxide surface is rough, the capillary action is large and the hydrophilicity is good, it is beneficial to enhance the adsorption. The surface of paper and cloth matrix material is loose. After the garnet suppliers matrix pretreatment, it has good wettability and is easy to be adsorbed by the matrix in the adhesive coating.

Therefore, the white corundum physical adsorption theory can not fully explain the adhesion mechanism of coated abrasive tools. The difference between adhesive formula of coated abrasives and consolidated Abrasives lies in: it involves the composition of matrix treatment agent, primer and compound; the glass beads supplier matching and proportion among treatment agent, primer and compound; the matching between adhesive, abrasive and matrix.(white aluminum oxide 220 grit suppliers mexico)

Therefore, the adhesive formulation of coated abrasive tools is more complex. The formula can be determined according to different grinding objects, brown fused alumina price different grinding methods, different grinding quality requirements and different substrates. There are four bonding methods for the primer and compound used in the application of fused alumina. Animal glue bonding: both the base glue and the compound glue are made of animal glue.

(white aluminum oxide 220 grit suppliers mexico)Semi resin adhesive: this kind of adhesive is animal glue for bottom glue and synthetic resin for compound glue, black corundum which can be used to make sheet, roll and strip products. Water binding resistance: it is suitable for abrasive belt based on cloth, which is required by water-soluble coolant grinding, different black oxide aluminum grinding conditions, induced couple force and dispersion force, with many micro holes and fluff. 

The heat resistance, pink corundum moisture resistance and wear resistance of the product are superior to those of animal glue, which are suitable for wood processing and forming surface processing. All resin adhesive bonding: in this bonding mode, the bottom glue and compound glue are made of synthetic resin to make paper, disc-shaped and roll shaped products, and to grind and arc fused alumina process parts of mechanical and electrical products.(white aluminum oxide 220 grit suppliers mexico)

It can process steel, glass, ceramics, stone, cloth silicon carbide price and steel paper abrasive belt. Paper based products are mainly used for polishing precision instrument parts. Water resistant adhesives mainly use water-soluble phenolic resin. The formulation of binder is to determine the percentage content of silicon carbide companies main material and auxiliary material and viscosity of glue. The percentage method is accurate in formula and simple in ingredients.

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