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White Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Suppliers Thailand

According to the production experience, the hearth diameter of the aluminium oxide 36 grit arc furnace is about 2 times of the electrode circle diameter, and the white corundum is about 2.5 ~ 3 times. If the ratio is too small, the hearth of the electric furnace will be too shallow. Impurities in bauxite refer to iron oxide, silicon oxide, titanium oxide, etc. 

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The exact calculation can be carried out according to the formula, in which the aluminum oxide sandblasting media diameter of du-1 hearth, m m, and the degree of frit furnace are taken as 10 °; the specific power of PAA-1 hearth surface is generally taken as 200-300kw / m2 for brown corundum smelting and 250-350kw / m for aluminium oxide sandblasting smelting. The inner diameter of furnace shell d = de + 2B, B is the thickness of furnace lining (mm), generally 200 ~ 350mm.

(white aluminum oxide 220 grit suppliers thailand)Generally, H = (0.6 ~ 0.8) · de for the frit furnace; H (0.6 ~ 0.7) · DX for the corundum sand dump furnace; the hearth depth hi = H-H, where hi is the hearth depth, h is the shell depth and H is the bottom refractory layer thickness. The ratio of hearth depth to hearth diameter should not be too large. Otherwise, the temperature of furnace bottom will be reduced, and the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit and ferrosilicon will be mixed, which will affect the product quality.

If the furnace is not well burnt during smelting, the heat loss at the furnace mouth will be too large, brown fused alumina price which will not only affect the quality of corundum, but also affect its output. The production of gangwang Abrasives includes smelting, cooling and granulating. The aim of black synthetic corundum refining is to reduce the impurity oxide in bauxite, and separate the ferroalloy and corundum melt, and cool the corundum melt to obtain corundum crystal.

(white aluminum oxide 220 grit suppliers thailand)Carbon is used as reducing agent in black corundum smelting, and reduction reaction is carried out with the participation of iron, so that the content of alumina can reach the standard of corundum abrasive. There are three smelting processes of brown corundum. Exile method: continuous production, high degree of automation, but large investment, complex equipment structure, black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media suitable for high-power refining.

Dumping method: white fused alumina continuous production, less investment, high production efficiency, is the most commonly used process at present. Frit method: intermittent production, low degree of mechanization, but less investment, simple equipment, simple technology, is often used in small power furnaces. The specific operation includes pink aluminium oxide furnace opening, smelting and control, refining, pouring (discharging) furnace and cooling.

(white aluminum oxide 220 grit suppliers thailand)The operation content of furnace opening includes preparation before pink corundum furnace opening and furnace opening. measure and adjust the distance between the electrode and the furnace wall; blow out the contact surface and tighten the thread; The shell depth is proportional to the shell diameter. Therefore, high degree of mechanization, smelting is an important link in the production of black aluminum oxide blast media

The preparation before opening is to connect the electrode, adjust the electrode length so that the white aluminum oxide electrode just contacts the arcing coke, without affecting the access or dumping of the furnace body; measure the insulation of the secondary conductive system, with the insulation resistance > 0.5mA; check the high purity fused aluminum oxide furnace body transmission, electrode lifting, feeding system, water, gas pipe and valve, etc.(white aluminum oxide 220 grit suppliers thailand)

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