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White Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Wholesale Russia

Different pressing systems in the brown fused alumina 60 grit pressing process will also affect the quality of the blank. The applied forming pressure shall be able to overcome the resistance P of the powder and the force P2 consumed by the friction of the powder particles on the die wall. The brown fused alumina suppliers pressing methods used in pressing are single side, double side at the same time, double side at different times and four sides pressing.

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When four sides pressing brown fused alumina price, the stress on the blank body is uniform and the density of the blank body is uniform. At the beginning of pressurization, the pressure should be lower to facilitate air discharge, and then release the pressure in a short time to make the compressed gas escape. During the initial pressing, in a closed container, the green carborundum blank body is loose and the air is easy to be discharged, gear lever press, which can be accelerated slightly.(white aluminum oxide 220 grit wholesale russia)

When the white fused alumina particles are close with high pressure, they must be pressurized slowly to avoid that the residual air cannot be discharged. When the green body is thick, the H / D ratio is large, or the particles are fine, it is better to slow down the compression speed and extend the holding time. The brown aluminum oxide 250 grit common ones are manual screw press, friction press, etc. The commonly used pressure transfer liquid is oil and water, that is, oil press and hydraulic press.

(white aluminum oxide 220 grit wholesale russia)According to the different working mechanism of the press used in the forming of ceramic black corundum tools, it can be divided into two categories: the hydraulic press with mechanical transmission pressure and the hydraulic press with hydraulic transmission as working mechanism. Mechanical transmission press is simple in structure, two or three columns, mostly used for small glass beads supplier grinding wheel forming, with limited application range.

The hydraulic press uses the incompressibility of the white aluminum oxide liquid, with a smaller mechanical power, through the transmission of the liquid, to produce a larger pressure. Hydraulic transmission can realize stepless pressure regulation, reversing, regulation and remote automatic control, so that the silicon carbide companies production process is mechanized and automated, thus improving production efficiency. Isostatic press (hydrostatic press) is a kind of special hydraulic press.

(white aluminum oxide 220 grit wholesale russia)The auxiliary machine includes the storage, weighing, feeding, spreading and scraping of the pink corundum molding materials before the bad body pressing, as well as the collection and transportation of the blank body after pressing. Press fine-grained and high-thickness abrasive tools, and press shall be able to maintain pressure after reaching the final pressure. The parallel accuracy of fused alumina pressing plate and workbench shall be 1 / 1000mm or higher.

According to whether the die station is fixed and the movement mode, it can be divided into three basic forms. If the white corundum hydraulic press for ceramic grinding tool forming has four, the vertical single cylinder or double cylinder, up or down pressure type shall be adopted. The water source is extensive, but it has corrosive effect on metal mechanical parts and is not easy to seal. The black oxide aluminum pressing speed also has a direct impact on the mass of the damaged body.(white aluminum oxide 220 grit wholesale russia)

The main technical parameters of the hydraulic press are total pressure. Other technical parameters include piston diameter, piston stroke, opening size silicon carbide price, net width between pillars, piston stroke speed, maximum working pressure of the system, parallel accuracy of pressing plate, etc. The arc fused alumina pressure of the pressed grinding tool must be within the pressure range specified by the main piston of the hydraulic press, mold cleaning and other devices. 

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