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White Aluminum Oxide 240 Mesh Producers Philippines

It can be seen that for general steel materials(white corundum), another typical phenomenon that sliding friction may cause changes in the structure of the surface layer is the formation of a "white layer" structure. Its general characteristics are its high hardness (up to 700-1200HV) and corrosion resistance(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Therefore, it is a problem of universal and practical significance, laser processing, the transition state of the layered structure may appear.

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When preparing metallographic samples, it is difficult to be corroded by general corrosive liquids, so it appears white(glass beads manufacturers). Its thickness can be adjusted according to the friction conditions. It varies from a few to 100pm. These conditions will promote the acceleration of the phase change process to form a white layer structure(buy brown fused alumina). It interacts with the environment and absorbs oxygen and nitrogen to form a certain amount of oxides and nitrides.

(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh producers philippines)The plastic deformation of the metal surface layer is a common phenomenon of sliding friction. This phenomenon is not limited to the friction surface, and sometimes occurs on the surface after shot peening, grinding, EDM, and rail joints that have been used for a long time(steel shot abrasive). In the rubbing process, especially dry rate rubbing, there is always a certain impact load and temperature pulse, and some problems are not very clear.

After a large number of metallographic studies, it has been proved that it interacts with the paste oil to absorb carbon and form more carbides(pink aluminum oxide). However, there are still many controversies about the structure of the white layer and the reasons for its high hardness. In summary, there are some points of view: due to the heat and chill, the formation of ultra-fine grained martensite(white fused alumina suppliers). Formed sticky fire martensite and reversed austenite.

(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh producers philippines)However, most people believe that the white layer structure is mainly a mixture of martensite + austenite + carbide(white fused alumina), which has been confirmed by a large number of electron microscope and X-ray analysis. It is certain that the white layer structure has high hardness, but its effect on friction and wear remains to be studied(glass bead abrasive). If this condition is not guaranteed, and the phase transition process cannot be progressed separately.

However, the entire white layer is not necessarily a uniform layer, and may also have a layered structure(black aluminum oxide). This situation depends on the degree of completion of the phase transition and is closely related to the friction conditions. It is important to establish sufficient temperature and deformation conditions. Physical adsorption is formed by the gravitational force between molecules and has a relatively weak bond(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Some are based on empirical formulas.

For example, is the female layer formed during the rubbing process or after stopping the rubbing(brown fused alumina price). If it belongs to the latter, the metal surface is in the dry austenite state during the mold process, and its influence on the friction and damage will be another situation(garnet abrasive price). Whether the white layer can form a uniform and equal-thickness structure, if it is uneven, whether it will cause greater residual stress or stress concentration.(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh producers philippines)

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