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White Aluminum Oxide 240 Mesh Suppliers South Africa

Ethyl silicate is soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, acetone, gasoline, etc.(white aluminum oxide), but is insoluble in water, and can hydrolyze with water. When the defoamer is added to the water-based paint, it will diffuse into the water film around the bubbles Infiltrate into the foam system with fine particles(brown fused alumina for sale). Sterilization, anti-mildew, and antiseptic are additives that water-based coatings can't lack, referred to as anti-mildew.

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After contacting the foam, it will capture the hydrophobic chain end of the foam surface(green silicon carbide), and then spread quickly to form a thin double film layer, and then further intrude into the foam system. It can be used to measure the contribution of the hydrophilic part and the lipophilic part of the surfactant in the total emulsification properties(steel shot abrasive). They work by improving the solubility of surface-active substances in the system.

(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh suppliers south africa)The larger the HLB value, the higher the hydrophilicity, and vice versa, the higher the sleeve affinity(white fused alumina). The defoamer with low surface tension always drives some liquid to flow into the foam system with high surface tension, which promotes the gradual thinning of the membrane wall, and finally causes the bubble to burst(brown fused alumina grit). Water-soluble solvents such as methanol, ethanol and acetone have some defoaming properties.

According to the above mechanism(pink corundum), the defoamer should have the following characteristics: its surface tension is lower than that of the foaming medium; there is a certain degree of incompatibility between the defoamer and the medium; the density of the defoamer should be less than the density of the medium, So that it works on the surface of the medium(glass bead abrasive). These substances are often nutrient sources for various microorganisms.(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh suppliers south africa)

Anionic surfactants use anions as hydrophilic groups and are often used in alkaline media, that is, used under pH>7(black corundum). Common anionic surfactants have four categories: citrate, sulfate, phosphate and phosphate. For example, the diffusing agent N (or sodium methylene bis-Qin sulfonate), sodium lauryl succinate, etc. are anionic surfactants(garnet abrasive price). Anti-mildew and fungicides water-based coatings often contain resins, binders and additives.

(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh suppliers south africa)The carrier liquid water is also a life element, which constitutes the conditions for microbial production(white corundum). A series of operations during the manufacture of water-based paint may cause the water-based paint to be contaminated by microorganisms. It has good compatibility with various components in the coating and does not have chemical interaction with other components(glass beads manufacturers). They cannot be used as gown inhibitors, so their effect is limited.

According to the nature of the hydrophilic group of the surfactant, surfactants can be divided into anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants(brown fused alumina price). The requirements for anti-mildew fungicides are: comprehensive sterilization, anti-microbial resistance, long action time, low concentration required to inhibit mold growth(black silicon carbide), and good sterilization for most molds and bacteria that breed in a weak alkaline environment effect.(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh suppliers south africa)

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