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White Aluminum Oxide 50 Mesh Manufacturers USA

Therefore, it is required to reduce the impurity content of the anode material as much as possible, generally not more than 1%(white aluminum oxide). Industrial alumina usually contains 98.5% Ab. During the electrolysis process, the oxide impurities of elements whose potential is higher than that of aluminum, such as SiO2, will be reduced by aluminum, and the reduced S5 and Fe will enter the button, reducing the quality of the part(100 grit aluminum oxide). Error ≤5mm.

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The oxides of the elements of the negative potential dryer(garnet abrasive price), such as Na0 and Ca, will decompose cryolite, change the electrolyte composition and increase the oxygen energy consumption. Dianyang Cheng works under high temperature conditions and is still in the creation period of the newly generated gas and air from the electrical transient reaction(black silicon carbide factory). Get a good economic standard as much as possible, and the current efficiency decline often occur.

The main physical and chemical tank standards should comply with Table 3-7(white fused alumina). The fine use of carbon material plays a very important role in the production of lead electrolysis. It participates in conduction during the electrolysis production process, and is consumed in conjunction with the electrochemical reaction(aluminum oxide blast media). All need to consume about 0.51 carbon anode, which meets all the technical requirements of the electrolysis process.

(white aluminum oxide 50 mesh manufacturers usa)Higher bulk density is beneficial to resist the erosion of molten salt, reduce gas permeation(green carborundum), reduce the consumption of reaction with the breakdown of dioxide and air, the bulk density of the carbon block is not less than 1.52g/em. The area of the pitted surface shall not affect the injection in the future as qualified(black synthetic corundum), and there shall be no more than one defect with a length not greater than 80mm and a depth not greater than 5mm.

Therefore, the mechanical strength requirements of my anode are higher than that of ordinary carbon materials(pink aluminum oxide). The ketone compressive strength of the carbon block should reach 30 to 35 MPa, and the compressive strength of the carbon paste initial burning body should be 18 to 28 MPa(buy brown fused alumina). The resistivity of the anode replacement is less than 60p0·m, and the resistivity of the anode carbon sintered body is generally as low as 80p0·m.(white aluminum oxide 50 mesh manufacturers usa)

Obviously, the weight of the anode of the electrolytic cell is dozens of tons, and heavy load is required under the impact of electricity and heat(white corundum). The main purpose of controlling the impurity content of carbon is that after the electrode material is consumed, the metal impurities therein are directly absorbed in the electrolyte and metallic lead(fused aluminium oxide). In the production of aluminum electric help, electrolytic mechanical lesions caused by the quality of the anode.

(white aluminum oxide 50 mesh manufacturers usa)The air resistance performance indicators of the anodes used in the phase electric help are as follows, the reactivity residual rate is 70 to 0%(brown fused aluminum oxide); the gasification rate is less than 20%, and the vegetable removal rate is less than 10%. According to the summary of the impact in production, it can be divided into the intrinsic quality impact of the anode(black fused alumina). In the production process, there are three conditions: anode physical changes and anode defects.

The physical changes have the following effects on the operation of the electrolytic cell: the electrolyte resistance increases(black aluminum oxide). When the carbon content in the electrolyte reaches 0.04%, the resistivity increases by 1%, the carbon content is 1%, and the resistivity increases by 11%. Industrial electrolysis Weizhong 1-10pm charcoal is made into several pellets, due to the influence of the interface potential(pink fused alumina). Almost non-conductive.(white aluminum oxide 50 mesh manufacturers usa)

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