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White Aluminum Oxide 70 Mesh Manufacturers Ireland

The arc prevention measures and insulation design of the rectifier cabinet are not perfect(white aluminum oxide), which leads to the rectifier cabinet not being able to keep up with the development requirements. It is reported that when an over-voltage surge invades, so that the surge current in the line is quickly released into the ground(aluminum oxide sandblasting), so that the equipment connected to the line is not damaged by the surge.

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The traditional current sharing test requires manual pressure drop test on the fast melting connected to the rectifier element to indirectly reflect the rectifier element’s performance The current sharing coefficient(white fused alumina), this test method has the characteristics of large test error, poor real-time performance, and high risk(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). Rectifier cabinet: It cannot meet the operation and management requirements of today's large-scale rectifier devices.(white aluminum oxide 70 mesh manufacturers ireland)

At present, with the continuous development of electrolytic aluminum power supply system technology, more protection devices, computers(pink aluminum oxide), communications, PLCs and other weak current electronic measuring devices are widely used in aluminum electrolytic rectification power supply systems(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). In recent years, the connected part is short-circuited with the ground, the domestic production capacity of electrolytic aluminum has expanded rapidly.

(white aluminum oxide 70 mesh manufacturers ireland)Most of the domestically selected rectifier equipment adopts a three-phase bridge in-phase inverse parallel circuit, which has 30 years of operating experience(white corundum). In recent years, many large-scale electrolytic aluminum enterprises in China have experienced incidents such as communication interruption, equipment damage(garnet abrasive price), and stability loss control caused by the impact of lightning on the weak current system in the same period.

The strong current system and the weak current system of the power supply system are a complementary whole, and they are interrelated, but the withstand voltage level of the weak current system is much lower than that of the strong current system(sponge media abrasive blasting). The lightning strike of the weak current system caused damage to the weak current equipment(brown fused alumina size sand). The way to protect is to protect the weak current system from lightning.(white aluminum oxide 70 mesh manufacturers ireland)

The more mature is to install surge protector for weak current system(black aluminum oxide). When the lightning current enters the ground through the ground wire of the lightning protection device, it will generate a strong transient electromagnetic field in the surrounding space, thereby generating transient voltages on various communication and protection cables(steel shot abrasive), and even indoor weak current equipment, and damaging these weak current equipment.

(white aluminum oxide 70 mesh manufacturers ireland)The surge protector used in the system can basically be divided into three levels(brown fused aluminum oxide). Because when the insulation between phases of the same name is reversed, the DC no-load voltage of the rectifier bridge will rise to 1.82 times under normal conditions, and the peak reverse voltage of the rectifier components will rise to 2 times that under normal conditions(aluminum oxide 24 grit), which can easily cause component reverse To breakdown.

Precautions against accidents caused by uneven flow of components and parameter drops are provided to prevent the occurrence of vicious accidents(brown aluminum oxide suppliers). The required surge protection of the weak current system should be considered comprehensively in the system design(white fused alumina for refractory). For the power supply equipment of the automation control system, a lightning current arrester is required , Overvoltage arrester and terminal equipment protector.

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