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White Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Manufacturers Russia

For example, due to the use direction of multi joint abrasive cloth belt(black corundum), it is neither longitude nor latitudinal, but oblique at a certain angle, while the diagonal strength of general twill cloth is not only lower than longitude, but also lower than latitude(glass beads manufacturers). Therefore, in the developed countries, the whole process is carried out in the original cloth processing process of Coated Abrasives factory.

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Specifically, the purpose of cotton cloth treatment is to improve the adhesion between cotton cloth front and rubber sand layer(pink corundum). It is particularly important for fine-grained products. It should be noted that flatness is not equal to smoothness, and the adhesion between the smooth front and the rubber sand layer is small(glass bead abrasive); the smooth back will lead to slippage during operation, which is not good. Improve product appearance quality.

That is, fill the cloth hole to prevent the base glue and compound glue from infiltrating into the matrix(silicon carbide price). Improve the flat and straight performance of cotton cloth, and make the gluing and sand planting uniform. As mentioned before, the purpose of matrix treatment is to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the matrix(garnet abrasive price), to ensure good quality of gelatinized sand, and to give the product good performance.

It is very important for water-resistant products to give the matrix certain oil and water resistance(white fused alumina). In order to achieve the above treatment purpose, it is necessary to not only have a matrix treatment agent with good performance, which will not be repeated here, but also have a correct treatment process(steel shot abrasive). As the substrate of coated abrasives, the cotton cloth treatment includes the following processes.

The day of desizing is to remove the size from the fabric for boiling(white aluminum oxide). It can make the matrix set, moderate soft and hard properties, reduce elasticity and extension, and improve tensile strength. The grey cloth shall be inspected first, scratched and singed to remove the lint on the cloth surface, then desized and dyed, then pasted, and then calendered(green carborundum). For animal rubber abrasive cloth, it can not desize, or not desize.

In China, the processes before dyeing are undertaken by the printing and dyeing factory(white corundum), but with the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of coated abrasives and the increase of varieties, the completion of these processes by the printing and dyeing factory is far from meeting the needs of coated abrasives(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), so there is a special requirement for the cotton fabric, and the elongation is greater than both. 

The purpose of boiling is to remove pectin, oil, wax and nitrogen-containing substances from cotton fiber, so as to make the dyeing uniform and firm(brown fused alumina price). As the original cloth treatment of coated abrasives, it can desize, or not desize or not desize, which depends on the product requirements(silicon carbide companies). For resin products, soft products, and water-resistant products, it must desize and boil to ensure the good performance of the product.

Cotton dyeing should be stretched and dried, then calendered(white alumina). It is a kind of "pre calendering" for sizing. Its purpose is to set the warp and weft points, flatten the warp and weft yarns, and make the fabric surface smooth, which is conducive to sizing. Sizing is the most critical process in the treatment of the original cloth(carborundum abrasives). It is to treat the cotton cloth with the sizing agent, which can be divided into two ways: scraping and soaking.

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