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The so-called Bayer method was named after K.J. Bayer in 1889-1892(arc fused alumina). It has made many improvements over the decades, but it is still used to the name. Bayer process is used for the treatment of low silicon bauxite, its stability must be reduced, especially for the treatment of gibbsite type bauxite(white aluminum oxide grit). The process is simple and the operation is convenient. Its economic effect is far from that of other methods. 

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Bayer law includes two main processes, that is, two patents proposed by Bayer(black corundum). One is that he found that when the molar ratio of Na2O to Al2O3 is 1.8, Al2O3 in the solution can be precipitated slowly as alumina as long as aluminum hydroxide is added as crystal seed and stirred continuously at room temperature, until the molar ratio of Na2O to Al2O3 increases to 6, which is the crystal seed decomposition process of sodium aluminate solution(silicon carbide companies).

On the other hand(pink corundum), he found that most of the solution of aluminum hydroxide had been separated out, and when heated, the alumina hydrate in bauxite could be dissolved, which is the process of using the bauxite of the seed solution(fused alumina). By using these two processes alternately, bauxite can be treated in batches, from which pure aluminum hydroxide products can be obtained, forming the so-called Bayer cycle. 

The essence of Bayer process is the alternation of the following reactions under different conditions: the dissolution process ends at point B(white fused alumina), the essence of Bayer process can also be understood from the Bayer cycle diagram of na2o-al2o3-h2o system(green carborundum). The composition of sodium aluminate solution (i.e. circulating mother liquor) used to dissolve alumina hydrate in bauxite is equivalent to point a in the figure.

In the dissolution process, if the loss of Nazo caused by impurities in ore is not considered(white aluminum oxide), the composition of solution should change along the line between point a and al2coh2o (in the dissolution of monohydrate ore) or al2o3.3h2o (in the dissolution of trihydrate ore), until saturation(black oxide aluminum). In the actual production process, due to the limitation of dissolution time, which is the composition of the solution after dissolution.

In order to precipitate aluminum hydroxide from it, so red mud washing solution is added to dilute it(white corundum). In theory, the final composition of the solution can reach the intersection of this line and the solubility isotherm. At present, more than 90% of alumina and aluminum hydroxide produced in the world are produced by Bayer process(glass beads supplier). It is unsaturated at high temperature (200 ℃) and has the ability to dissolve alumina hydrate.

As the concentration of Na2O and Al2O3 in the solution decreases at the same time(brown fused alumina price), the composition changes from point B along the isomolecular ratio line to point C. After the sludge is separated, the supersaturation degree of the solution is further improved by lowering the temperature (such as 60 ℃), and the decomposition reaction will take place by adding aluminum hydroxide crystal seeds into the sludge(silicon carbide price).

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