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White Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Suppliers China

Chlorite, that is, the rented chlorite represented by the molecular formula fe2alzsioso1o (H) 8 · NH2. It is more or less dissolved in the process of dissolution(white aluminum oxide), which is mainly related to ore origin, dissolution temperature and other factors(1200 grit aluminum oxide). When chlorite dissolves under high pressure, it reacts with alkaline solution to form sodium aluminosilicate with water content and highly dispersed ferrous oxide.

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The reaction is as follows: 3Fe + h2o-fe3o4 + H2(pink corundum). The strong diffraction peak of ilmenite is 2.74, which will not react when dissolved at na2150g / L and 245 ℃ without Cao, and then turn into red mud; when dissolved at 143 ℃ with Ca, ilmenite will be decomposed, in which titanium will form titanium hydrate garnet and iron will form Fe (H) 3 into red mud(silicon carbide companies). The conversion rate of Al bearing goethite to hematite is very slow at high temperature (250 ℃).

The equilibrium solubility at room temperature is close to zero(white corundum). The reaction formula is as follows: when the temperature of 3CA (H) 2 + yfeo · TiO2 + 2xal (OH); + Yoh + aq3ca · xal23 · yti (H · (3x-2y + 3) H 2 + (2x + y) OH + YFe (OH) 3 + yh2t + Ag (6-4) is lower than 245 ℃ and no CA is added, no chemical reaction occurs in magnetite(46 grit aluminum oxide). The solubility curve shows that the dissolved iron can be re precipitated in the process of sedimentation or decomposition.

The gibbsite usually contains goethite, some of which are mainly goethite(white fused alumina). Goethite has a clear dehydration endothermic peak at 370 ℃. The solubility of goethite in sodium aluminate solution is a function of temperature in sodium aluminate solution with Na2O concentration between 150-250g / 1 and Al2O3 concentration between 62-103g / L(silicon carbide price). Ferrous oxide reacts with water to generate hydrogen, which increases the non condensable gas in the high pressure dissolver. 

When the temperature increases, the solubility increases(brown fused alumina price). When the temperature is higher than 200 ℃, the dissolution rate of goethite increases rapidly. The equilibrium solubility of goethite is also a function of the composition of the solution, and the relationship between the equilibrium solubility and the concentration of free Na2O(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). It can be seen from the figure that the higher the concentration of free Na2O is, the greater the equilibrium solubility of goethite is.

According to the data, magnetite is still a stable phase at 260 ℃(black corundum). When the concentration of free caustic is the same, the isothermal solubility of iron in sodium aluminate solution is much greater than that in pure NaOH solution. There is discrepancy(green carborundum). The isotherms of conversion rate of goethite in the mixture of goethite and hematite at 225 ℃ and 250 ℃ are not drawn, because the conversion is too fast, and 100% conversion occurs in the first half hour.

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