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White Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Suppliers Germany

The calcination of abrasives is a process in which abrasives are placed in discontinuous or continuous kilns with different structures and heated for a proper time at a certain temperature to improve the mechanical and physical properties of abrasives(pink corundum). The results show that calcination has obvious effect on corundum abrasives, but not on silicon carbide abrasives(low density white alumina).

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The first function of calcination is to eliminate the abnormal expansion of abrasive. The abnormal expansion of the abrasive will cause the reticular cracks on the surface of the brown corundum ceramic grinding wheel when it is fired. If chemical treatment is used to create rough abrasive surface, the binding force between abrasive and binder can be increased(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). The temperature is generally 800-1300 ℃, and the time is 2-4 hours.

What is the abnormal expansion of abrasives(green carborundum)? During the heat treatment of fused brown corundum abrasives, due to the low-cost titanium oxide (Ti2O, TiO) and titanium non oxide (TIC, tin) contained in the abrasives, they will be further oxidized at 400 ~ 600 ℃, and their volume will increase correspondingly(brown fused alumina oxide), so that the volume change of abrasives exceeds its normal expansion, which is called the abnormal expansion of abrasives.

Calcination is the most effective way to remove the abnormal expansion(white fused alumina), which is due to the fact that the low oxide and non oxide of titanium will be oxidized into stable high oxide during calcination. It has been pointed out in the literature that after calcination, the microhardness, toughness and grinding ability of the abrasives will be increased by about 10%(wholesale brown fused alumina), 10% and 3% respectively, resulting in waste products. 

This is due to the removal of impurities on the abrasive surface(white aluminum oxide), the burning of low melting point materials and the increase of capillary phenomenon on the abrasive surface. This is due to the melting of low melting impurities on the abrasive surface. After calcination, the hydrophilicity of the abrasive can be improved(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). After burning at 650 ° ~ 700 ℃ for 15 minutes, the hydrophilicity of the abrasives will increase.

It has been pointed out that after calcination(white corundum), the hydrophilicity of the abrasives will increase about 3.5 times. Due to the increase of hydrophilicity, the durability of coated abrasives made of calcined abrasives is also improved. Some data show that the durability of the abrasive paper made of calcined abrasives is 30-50% higher than that of ordinary abrasive paper(silicon carbide companies). If the temperature exceeds 1300 ℃, the strength will decrease.

The calcination treatment can also change the color of the abrasives, and the brown corundum changes from brown to dark blue(brown fused alumina price). At the same time, a part of the iron and corundum mixed particles are easy to be separated by magnetic separation, which improves the efficiency of magnetic separation(brown fused alumina suppliers). Calcination will also make the abrasive grains sinter into "combined grains", which brings troubles and must be re broken and reshaped.

For coated abrasives or grinding wheels with resin or rubber as binder(black corundum), due to the smooth surface of the abrasive particles, the binding force with the binder is weak. Under high speed and high load operation, when the abrasive grains are blunt by 20-30%, the friction force is greater than the binding force, and the abrasive grains will fall off before a new cutting edge is generated(steel grid). Generally, the abrasive particles are treated with acid and alkali.

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