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White Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Suppliers Mexico

No matter what method is used to prepare white corundum, when the mud water content is 30%, the pH value is between 4 and 5, and the viscosity is the minimum; when the water content is 20%, the pH value is between 4 and 5; when the ice content is 6% ~ 19%, silicon carbide 180 grit and the pH value is 4.7. When the residual pressure is 1.33kpa, the density of the dry billet increases from 2.62-2.72g/cm2 to 2.66-2.75g/cm.

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The body of thin-walled products (black corundum less than 7mm) is poured with 30% slurry. Under this condition, when the mud concentration is increased from 70% ~ 75% to 80% ~ 86%, the formation speed of green body increases 1.6 ~ 1.7 times (sometimes to 2.5 times), while the density and apparent porosity of green body do not change. However, wall thickness is 2.5mm and 1.6mm, the slurry contains 10% ~ 15% unburned alumina, black silicon carbide which tends to thixotropy.(white aluminum oxide 80 grit suppliers mexico)

The thick wall (7-20 mm) and solid core of the damaged body are poured with the pink corundum slurry with the moisture content of 18% - 20%. The slurry with high concentration of alumina calcined at high temperature (1750 ℃) is used reasonably, which has a great potential value. Compared with the slurry calcined at 1450 ~ 1550 ℃, the tendency and thixotropy of the condensate formation are smaller, brown fused alumina price and the same view is held for alumina with MgO less than 0.2%.

(white aluminum oxide 80 grit suppliers mexico)The strength of the green body of the industrial white fused alumina slurry was improved until the firing temperature was 1400-1500 ℃. When the pH value is 3, the potential increases. The formation speed of green body is slowed down (replaced by 10min for 3min), while the porosity of green body is increased from 30.6% to 32% ~ 33%, so the amount of unburned alumina is limited to 10%, garnet abrasive price and the density and strength of the green body prepared must be observed.

As for the silicon carbide abrasive barren materials which work with hydrochloric acid, it is necessary to achieve the purpose of suspension through the adsorption of surfactant. High concentration mud must be vacuumed because the absolute surface of the solid phase is enlarged. The amount of air and other gases adsorbed on the solid subdivision dispersed phase is 0.1 ~ 1cm2 / g, so the gas must be removed, the viscosity of the mud is the minimum, glass beads manufacturers which is not allowed.(white aluminum oxide 80 grit suppliers mexico)

The white aluminum oxide introduction of organic binder into the slurry can improve the drying strength of the green body, so that the strength before burning the binder is effective, but the structure and mechanical properties are deteriorated. When pouring the products, especially the model of vacuum operation, because the gas agglomerates in the body, the bubbles are formed on the surface of the body, sometimes reaching 0.5 ~ 1mm, glass bead abrasive which will reduce the properties of the products.

(white aluminum oxide 80 grit suppliers mexico)However, for pouring large-scale thin-walled products, it is appropriate to lead people not to burn green silicon carbide, so as to slow down the formation speed of green body. Prepare alumina slurry reasonably in a closed container and at a fixed temperature, and observe the viscosity of slurry carefully for a long time (30 days and nights). Before pouring, the pH value must be corrected, especially the industrial steel shot abrasive slurry containing unburned alumina.

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