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White Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Suppliers Philippines

However, in the blast furnace of less than 1000m(low sodium white fused alumina), SiC brick can also be used for masonry, but the structure and material of cooler must be improved at the same time, soft water (or pure water) closed-loop cooling must be used to control the edge air flow in operation(white aluminium oxide super fine). Only technical support can give full play to the role of silicon carbide brick. The bosh is connected with the waist and hearth. 

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Therefore, it requires that refractories not only have good alkali resistance and slag resistance, but also have high temperature resistance(brown fused alumina price). The temperature in this area is higher, and the temperature of the lower charge is about 1600 ~ 1650 ℃, and the air flow temperature is higher(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). The effect of laying semi graphite brick in the belly of No.7 Blast Furnace (with a capacity of 3662m) is better, with a thickness of 1000mm. 

In the past, most people used to build high alumina bricks and corundum bricks, but now they mostly choose silicon carbide products(black corundum). In Japan, high-grade refractories with high purity, good thermal conductivity and strong corrosion resistance have been used in blast furnace bosh and tuyere area, such as high alumina electric melting brick, synthetic mullite brick, corundum brick, etc(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). the application effect is quite remarkable.

In Germany, a variety of refractory bricks(white fused alumina), such as semi graphite brick, electric melting high alumina brick, mullite brick, direct bonded or silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide brick, have been used in the furnace abdomen. Many blast furnaces in Europe and the United States have tried silicon carbide brick in the furnace abdomen, and some have also used graphite brick masonry(silicon carbide grit), then the carbon brick is fully paved.

The working volume of hearth of leijunhausen No. 2 blast furnace in Krupp iron and steel company is 2355m(pink corundum). A layer of 50mm thick graphite brick is laid at the bottom of the furnace bottom, and then four layers of carbon brick are laid. Carbon brick is also laid on the furnace wall from the hearth to the horizontal surface of the tuyere(steel shot abrasive). The rest of the furnace walls are built with clay brick with an Al2O3 content of 42% and 35%.

In 1970, all carbon brick furnace bottom was used in blast furnace in China(white aluminum oxide), and then it developed into carbon brick or high aluminum brick furnace bottom, which was built by large blocks of carbon brick around, basically achieved the expected results(green silicon carbide powder). The poor physical and chemical properties of hearth carbon brick lead to ring crack and fracture of hearth carbon brick, which creates favorable conditions for slag and iron infiltration.

The large and medium-sized blast furnaces in Japan generally adopt a comprehensive furnace bottom, and absorb the experience of Western Europe and other countries(glass beads manufacturers). One layer of graphite ramming material cushion is rammed on the furnace bottom steel plate(glass bead abrasive), and one layer of silicon carbide graphite brick is built, and then the clay brick with A12O3 content of about 40% is used to build the working layer, and the use effect was good.

Three months after the furnace was put into operation(white corundum), the lining at the bottom of the furnace reached a state of heat balance, and the solidification line of molten iron remained relatively stable, that is, the erosion had basically stopped. However, with the strengthening of blast furnace smelting, most of the hearth and bottom of blast furnace in China are eroded, which directly threatens the life of the first generation of blast furnace(garnet abrasive price).

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