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White Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Wholesale Suppliers USA

It can replace the second and third class clay bricks and has a wide range of use(low sodium white fused alumina). Because semi silica brick has good resistance to acid slag, high temperature structural strength and relatively stable volume. It is mainly used for building coke oven, acid iron furnace, metallurgical furnace flue and inner sealing of steel barrel(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). The low bulk density will also affect the low softening temperature.

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The representative and commonly used semi silica brick is the wax stone brick(brown fused alumina price). Its appearance is not quite different from clay brick, which is white or gray white. The high temperature performance is similar to that of clay brick, the fire resistance fluctuates from 1670 to 1710c, and the load softening temperature is 1300 to 1430 ℃ (starting point). Adhesive brick is one of the main varieties of aluminum silicate products(steel shot abrasive).

The softening temperature under load mainly depends on its chemical mineral composition and density(black corundum), but the latter does not affect the end temperature of the softening under load, but increases the starting deformation temperature. It is a refractory product with 30% - 48% Al2O3 content, the length is not more than 40 mm(46 grit aluminum oxide); which is made of clay clinker as aggregate and fire-resistant clay as binder. 

The properties of clay products fluctuate in a wide range(white fused alumina), which is caused by the wide range of chemical composition of products (Al2O3 content fluctuates between 30% and 46%) and the difference of production process. The fire resistance of clay products fluctuates from 1580 ℃ to 1770 ℃, which mainly depends on the chemical composition of the products(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), and increases with the increase of A12O3 / SiO2 ratio.

The raw materials used for semi silica brick are large in storage and low in price(pink corundum). Therefore, to increase the load softening temperature of clay products, we should generally start from the following aspects: to increase the Al2O3 content of products, especially the A12O3 content of the matrix; to increase the firing temperature and adopt multi clinker ingredients(white fused alumina for refractory); to increase the bulk density of the formed brick.

Clay brick for blast furnace is used in throat, shaft, hearth, bottom and shaft of small blast furnace(white aluminum oxide). The above standards also make the following provisions on the cross-section spalling and appearance quality of bricks: when the spalling width is not more than 0.25 mm, the length is not limited(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh); when the spalling width is 0.26-0.50 mm, when the spalling width is more than 0.50 mm, avoid brick expansion, it is not allowed. 

The increase of flux impurities, especially alkali metal oxides, will significantly reduce the fire resistance of products(silicon carbide price). The technical requirements for bricks with single weight more than 15kg and less than 1.5kg or difficult to be mechanically formed shall be determined by the agreement of the supplier and the demander(white aluminum oxide grit). Special technical requirements shall be determined by agreement between the supplier and the demander.

Clay brick for blast furnace requires high fire resistance at room temperature, which can resist long-term operation wear of furnace charge(white corundum); small volume shrinkage under high temperature and long-term operation is conducive to the integrity of furnace lining; low apparent porosity and Fe2O3 content, reduce carbon deposition in pores, looseness and damage during use(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting); less low melting point formation.

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