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Wear resistance of brown corundum and white corundum, also known as wear resistance, refers to the ability of corundum material to resist wear under certain conflict conditions. It is indicated by wear amount or wear resistance index that wear amount is an important objective to determine the wear resistance of conflict corundum, control product quality and study the mechanism of conflict wear.

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The amount of wear can be indicated by the mass, volume or thickness of the ground white fused alumina and white corundum. The method of weighing is used to determine the amount of wear, that is, to weigh the mass change of the sample before and after the experiment. This pink corundum method is simple and widely used. The precision analytical balance is usually used for weighing, with the measurement accuracy of 0.1mg.(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit manufacturers uk)

(brown) white corundum wear is measured on a vertical universal conflict wear test machine, silicon carbide abrasive which is composed of a spindle drive system, a special fixture for the conflict pair, a heater and an oil box, an experimental force sensor, a conflict moment measurement system, a lifting system for the lower auxiliary plate of the conflict pair, a tension spring microcomputer force application system, synthetic corundum price an operation panel system, etc., and is installed on the welding machine base as the main body.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit manufacturers uk)During the experiment, in order to ensure the weighing accuracy, it is necessary to clean and dry the (brown) white aluminum oxide sample before weighing, so as to prevent the weight from being affected by dirt on the surface. In the frame, the upper right part of the frame is the flash system of the experimental machine operation, green silicon carbide which mainly uses the methods of rolling, sliding and compound conflict. In fact, it is related to the characteristics of the material itself. 

Under the lower contact pressure, different conflict pairs are selected to determine the long-term conflict wear function of the alumina grit sample. This machine can measure the conflict moment of (brown) white corundum, calculate the conflict coefficient, connect the accounting machine, record the temperature time curve and the conflict coefficient time curve. Four (brown) aluminum oxide grit samples with relatively high hardness were selected to determine their wear resistance.(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit manufacturers uk)

The wear resistance of brown fused alumina price and white corundum can be compared by the conflict wear test. First, wipe the sample to be tested clean, weigh it on the fine analysis balance and record the data; then record the mass of the steel ring that is grinded with the sample, and after each grinding of the sample and the steel ring, it is necessary to weigh the mass of the steel ring, so as to check the wear amount of the black silicon carbide steel ring.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit manufacturers uk)Then debug the universal collision wear test machine, set the black corundum parameters, preset the experimental force is 200N, the preset speed is 100 r/min, preset time is 800 seconds, adjust the loading speed, press the auto loading button, after the experimental force is stable, press the start button experiment to start. Whether it is fused aluminum oxide abrasive or fused mullite, the use temperature is relatively high, which makes the material temperature very high.

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