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White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive 220 Grit Suppliers China

Recent research has noticed that white fused alumina grinding can no longer be regarded as a purely mechanical process, and chemical reactions also play an important role in it. For example, the biggest disadvantage of silicon carbide is that it is not suitable for grinding steel. This is because the corundum white following reactions occur: SiC (solid) + 4Fe (liquid) → FeSi (solid) + Fe3C (solid), but SiC can grind cast iron well.

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This is because brown fused aluminum oxide has a higher carbon content and silicon content, and they exist in the form of Fe3C and FeSi, thereby significantly reducing the reaction rate between the above silicon carbide and metal. Japan has a big difference. Silicon carbide is suitable for grinding many non-metals (such as glass, ceramics) and some non-ferrous metals (zinc, copper and its alloys, etc.), and it is also due to the chemical compatibility of aluminium oxide abrasive grit and workpieces.(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit suppliers china)

white aluminum oxide is suitable for grinding steel because the reaction of 2Fe + Al2O3 → Fe2O3 + 2Al is impossible from a thermodynamic point of view. But the higher silicon content in cast iron and white iron is indeed unstable for corundum: 2Si + 2O2 + 3Al2O3 → 3Al2O3 · 2SiO2 + 376 kcal. The above examples show that the accuracy of the surface geometry of the black corundum grinding tool itself and the inherent sand embedding property of the fused aluminum oxide grinding tool will directly affect the quality of the workpiece and the cutting capacity.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit suppliers china)Corundum's very low black aluminum oxide abrasion resistance to glass and ceramic lamp silicate materials is also due to the formation of mullite (3Al2O3 · 2SiO2): 3Al2O3 + 2SiO2 → 3Al2O3 · 2SiO2 when making precision grinding wheels, it also requires that The low thermal expansion coefficient enables the grinding wheel to have a stable size to ensure the machining accuracy of the black synthetic corundum workpiece. So the abrasive particles should have fairly sharp cutting edges and some degree of brittleness (brittleness).

In many respects, the applicability of white corundum is just the opposite of silicon carbide. Due to the problem of open porosity, that is, because the thickness of the wire used in weaving the net is different, the standards of different countries are different. Currently there are three types of American standards, British standards and Japanese standards, 100 grit aluminum oxide media of which the United Kingdom and the United States are similar. China uses the American standard, that is, it can be calculated using the formulas mentioned earlier.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit suppliers china)It can be seen from this definition that the size of the pink aluminum oxide mesh determines the size of the screen aperture. Black corundum research has its inherent sand embedding performance. Some black corundum research tools are easy to embed sand, while others are difficult to embed sand. For black corundum research tools that have been embedded in sand, some aluminium oxide blasting grit research tools are many. It can still be used again, and some ca n’t be used any more than a few.

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