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White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Manufacturers Austria

Wind cleaning has the advantages of small investment, high efficiency and low cost, but it can not completely remove the superfine particles attached to the white fused alumina abrasive surface, which are generally used to clean the coarse brown corundum abrasive particles; the water cleaning process is complex, which is obviously superior to wind cleaning in improving the purity of aluminium oxide sandblasting abrasive, but it requires a large amount of water, secondary drying and high cost.

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The methods of brown fused alumina price purity treatment generally include air washing, water washing, acid pickling and high temperature treatment. For abrasives under 220 mesh with large impurities and high subdivision content, wind washing and water washing are not competent, so acid washing can only be used, but the water consumption is larger and the cost of secondary drying is higher; high temperature treatment is the best way to clean pink corundum at present, but the initial investment is large.(white aluminum oxide abrasive manufacturers austria)

white aluminum oxide magnetic iron mainly exists in white aluminum oxide in the form of ferrosilicon or black iron. Ferrosilicon is a byproduct of iron and silicon dioxide when they are reduced from bauxite. If the content of iron in bauxite is low and the content of silicon dioxide is high, iron should be added to the steel shot abrasive furnace burden to ensure that the silicon content in ferrosilicon is less than 15%. The magnetic size of FeSi depends on the temperature and decreases with the increase of temperature.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive manufacturers austria)Because the content of iron is 85%, FeSi is magnetic at room temperature, and It can be separated by magnetic separator. For the inspection of iron in black corundum, the typical technical conditions of Fe2O3 in abrasive grade black aluminum oxide blast media material and refractory material are ≤ 1.0% and ≤ 1.5%, and the iron content is verified by standard chemical analysis method. Abrasive Abrasives are the general designation of abrasives and abrasives, including abrasive products and abrasive products.

The hardness of white corundum abrasives is slightly higher than that of white corundum abrasives, but its toughness is poor, it is easy to cut into the workpiece during grinding, with good self sharpening, small heat output, strong grinding ability and high efficiency. The test method of black iron and magnetic iron is to pass the weighed brown corundum sample of small particles under the small magnet and weigh the material absorbed by the magnet.(white aluminum oxide abrasive manufacturers austria)

Abrasive products are mainly divided into two categories: corundum abrasive and silicon carbide abrasive. Specifically, there are basically the following: brown corundum abrasive, the main component of which is Al2O3, with medium hardness, high toughness, sharp particles, low price, suitable for processing metal with high tensile strength. Both microcrystalline corundum abrasive and black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit are derived from them.

Chrome corundum abrasive is a derivative. The grain of single crystal corundum abrasive is composed of single crystal, and has good multi edge cutting edge, high hardness and toughness, strong grinding ability, less grinding heat, the disadvantage is high production cost, low output, so the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media price is relatively high.(white aluminum oxide abrasive manufacturers austria)

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