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White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Suppliers In China

fused aluminum oxide abrasives play an important role in industrial manufacturing and processing industry, known as "industrial teeth", while coated abrasives are known as "industrial beauticians". The extensive application of Coated Abrasives technology has promoted the progress and upgrading of the world's aluminium oxide blasting grit manufacturing industry technology and made due contributions to the world's scientific and technological progress and human civilization.

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white fused alumina abrasives can process almost all materials, such as copper, magnesium, aluminum, zinc and other soft non-ferrous metals and wood, leather, plastic and other non-metallic materials. The product quality is approaching and reaching the level of similar products abroad, which have put forward new and higher requirements for the development of aluminum oxide abrasive media abrasive belt base cloth.(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers in china)

In the grinding process of heat-resistant and hard to grind materials, such as titanium alloy, nickel alloy, brown fused aluminum oxide alloy, stainless steel and even tungsten, cobalt, etc., it shows its unique advantages; the high efficiency, high quality and high precision processing of large-scale and special-shaped workpieces (such as large-area plate, metal strip, wire rod, inner and outer circle and complex profile of workpieces with large aspect ratio) is another major feature of fine grit aluminum oxide abrasives.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers in china)In recent years, with the rapid development of black aluminum oxide Abrasives technology, in some developed countries, such as the United States, Germany and Japan, the sales volume of Coated Abrasives has steadily ranked first among the three series of coated abrasives, i.e. coated abrasives, consolidated abrasives and superhard abrasives, with the output value accounting for about 40% of the total output value of black synthetic corundum abrasives, while that of Germany has reached 50%.

Therefore, coated abrasives are indispensable tools in modern manufacturing industry. pink corundum abrasive belt base cloth is one of the three elements of coated abrasive (substrate, binder, abrasive), which accounts for the largest proportion of the cost, and is also one of the most critical substrates. The development process of 180 grit aluminum oxide abrasive industrial cloth in China is always accompanied by the development of coated abrasive industry. (white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers in china)

Domestic silicon carbide price are expanding to high-end application fields, and the main representative products are: superhard material abrasive belt, polyester film coated abrasives, ceramic abrasive coated abrasives, abrasive belt for Grinding Titanium Alloy accumulation, abrasive belt for grinding carbon steel metal plate wire drawing, abrasive belt for grinding printed circuit board, one hundred page zirconium corundum abrasive cloth, polyester cloth ultra wide abrasive belt, anti crimping dry wet dual-purpose abrasive paper, non-woven fabric products , non-woven stainless steel wire drawing products, cashmere integrated emery cloth, 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media abrasive paper, etc., are widely used in aerospace, automobile and shipping, it and other high-end manufacturing industries at home and abroad.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers in china)In this process, the aluminium oxide abrasive grit sand belt base cloth supplier should give full play to its own advantages, seize the opportunity of domestic industry enterprises eager to adjust product structure and improve product quality to ensure sustainable development, strengthen industrial cooperation, actively provide innovative and upgrading solutions for the Coated Abrasives manufacturers, and timely launch all kinds of internationally advanced sand belt base cloth, which is the same as the coated abrasives industry We share the opportunity and benefit brought by the rapid development of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit abrasives industry.

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