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White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Suppliers In Mexico

white aluminum oxide smelting is similar to brown corundum, but the working voltage is slightly lower than that of brown corundum, which is equivalent to that of white aluminum oxide. This is because the temperature of the furnace liquid is reduced due to the addition of iron sulfide, and the excessive volatilization of sulfur is prevented at the same time.

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When cleaning and adjusting the running parts, stop the machine. However, the reaction in single crystal corundum furnace is stronger than that in brown fused aluminum oxide furnace, so more attention should be paid to the care of electric furnace. And because pyrite can burn at high temperature and cause sulfur loss, the material layer should not be thick, and the amount of silicon carbide companies material should not be too much each time, and the material should be added frequently.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers in mexico)The white fused alumina can be smelted by either the pouring furnace or the melting block method. Single crystal corundum furnace can also be used to distinguish the furnace conditions with stick stick method. Qualified rod samples are: smooth surface, thin shell, dense fracture structure and gray. The rods with insufficient carbon content are as follows: the aluminum oxide abrasive surface is rough with squamous crystal, yellow or brown gray, and the fracture is dark gray.

The stick like fragments were hydrolyzed quickly in 15% sulfuric acid solution. The black aluminum oxide former is because the furnace liquid is poured and burned, the furnace liquid cools quickly, the single crystal of corundum is small, the coarse particles of 0.4mm (46 × particle size) after hydrolysis are less, the furnace liquid cools slowly by the melting block method, and the fine grit aluminum oxide particles of the single crystal of corundum are relatively coarse. The surface of the rod with insufficient sulfide is yellow light gray or gray white, but the fracture is blue red.(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers in mexico)

It is not easy to hydrolyze the pink aluminum oxide stick like fragments in 15% sulfuric acid solution. No matter which method is used to obtain the single crystal corundum after smelting, it can not be watered and cooled, otherwise the melting block will be hydrolyzed and irremediable. The brown corundum manufacturer reminds the abrasive operators to pay attention to the following matters in the use process: they must wear protective equipment before work, and 100 grit aluminum oxide white are not allowed to work with bare arms. No less than two people shall work.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers in mexico)The air tank, pressure gauge and safety valve shall be calibrated regularly. The dust is discharged from the air tank silicon carbide price once every two weeks, and the filter in the sand tank is checked once a month. Check whether the ventilation pipe and sandblasting machine door are sealed. Five minutes before work, the ventilation and dust removal equipment must be started. When the ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, the alumina abrasive sandblasting machine is forbidden to work.

The operation of single crystal corundum opening is the same as that of green carborundum, and the smelting operation is similar to that of brown corundum. The compressed air valve shall be opened slowly, and the air pressure shall not exceed 0.8MPa. The grit size of sand blasting shall be suitable for the working requirements, generally between No. 10 and No. 20, and the aluminum oxide grit sand shall be kept dry. When the sandblasting machine is working, it is forbidden for irrelevant personnel to approach.(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers in mexico)

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